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How Do I Install A Pool Liner?

One of the costliest pool repairs is replacing a liner. On average, pool owners spend $4,000 when installing or replacing a pool liner. As a result, many pool owners opt to install a pool liner by themselves. Indisputably, doing this will save you thousands of dollars. Besides, the process is not as complicated as people think. All you need to do is buy the liner and follow these steps outlined below.

How Do I Install A Pool Liner?
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Steps to help you install a pool liner #

Prepare the pool walls #

When you plan to install a pool liner, the first step would be to empty your backyard oasis. This way, all the pool surfaces, and walls will be visible. Thus, you can identify any cracks, scratches, stains, and algae breeding grounds. Before you install a liner, ensure that you fix all the cracks on the walls and eliminate stains and algae. You can do this through vacuuming or brushing the surface with a useful pool brush.

Prepare the pool floor #

When the pool walls are ready, it is best to work on the pool floor. If you are replacing the pool liner, make sure you remove the old one carefully. You can use a razor knife to cut it carefully. Also, ensure that the pool floor is clean.

Proceed with installation #

Once the floor and the liner are ready, you can install a pool liner. Ensure that the entire pool is free from debris. Follow all the installation guidelines on the manufacturer’s manual when installing a pool liner. Note that some parts of the liner best suit the deep sections of the pool. All in all, follow all the manual guidelines. When installing the liner, it is best to have at least three people onsite. Otherwise, the process would be tedious and consume a lot of time. Ensure the liner fits all the pool corners correctly. Then, lock the liner onto the pool walls. Conduct this process carefully to avoid mistakes. Afterward, set the liner using a blower to ensure it is tightly fixed onto the wall.

Add water to the pool #

After you install a pool liner:

  1. Start refilling the pool.
  2. Return the main drain cover by fixing it tightly onto the pool.
  3. Do this carefully since the liner is still adapting to the new environment.

And, it would be best if you handled pool liners with care.

Ready to install a pool liner? #

If you plan to install a pool liner, make sure you know how to do so. Alternatively, you can always hire a dependable pool builder to install a pool liner for you. But installing a pool liner is simple. All you need to do is purchase the liner and follow all the guidelines in the instruction manual.

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