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How Do I Install A Pool Heater?

Occasionally, a pool heater is necessary for your pool. In particular, if you live in a cold geographical area, a pool heater might be necessary. This equipment makes your pool more enjoyable since water gets maintained at a favorable temperature. Regardless of the weather, you can still use the pool. Often, you’ll need a professional pool contractor to install a pool heater. Remember, the equipment needs to get connected to a reliable power source. So, to ensure safety for you and your family, you would be better off if you hire a reputable builder to install a pool heater for you. However, if you have background knowledge of installing a pool heater, you can conduct a DIY project.

How Do I Install A Pool Heater?
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Steps involved to install a pool heater. #

Buy an efficient pool heater #

The first thing you’ll have to do is to purchase a suitable pool heater. The pool heater should complement your pool volume and design. Suppose you have a large pool, you need a more robust pool heater to heat the whole pool. But always go for the most efficient pool heater. Mostly, expensive pool heaters work more efficiently and offer value for money. You can always consult your manufacturer or pool contractor on the best pool heaters.

Proceed with installation #

It would be best if you identify a safe position to install a pool heater. You can always use strong equipment pads to keep the heater. Install a heater a few meters away from the pool filter. Nonetheless, make sure you read and understand all the instructions on the manual. This way, you can install it in a safe place. Besides, the pool heater needs a protective layer to sit on.

Plumbing #

The next step is to connect the pool heater to the pool water. Do this by connecting the pool heater with the filter outlet pipe. Additionally, connect a gas line with the pool heater to ensure efficient functioning. It is advisable to use the right gas line size. So, identify the heater’s size and determine the best gas line size that will ensure proper functioning. At this point, it would be best if you hire a dependable pool contractor to attach the gas line to the pool heater. Remember that you have to keep your family safe.

Plug the pool heater #

In most instances, the gas heater will still have to get connected to a power source. If possible, you can use the same power source for all your pool equipment. However, if the primary power source is full, you can always use a sub-panel. On the other hand, contact a reputable electrician to place a power source if you have none. You can pose a danger to your family and experience long term problems with your pool equipment.

In conclusion #

Ultimately, whether you are replacing a pool heater or you plan to install a new pool heater, these are the steps you should follow. Even so, always consider hiring a pool expert to conduct this process for you.

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