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How Do I Install A Pool Cover?

Nowadays, pool covers are essential for safety and maintaining a clean pool. In fact, several states require all pool owners to include this feature in their pools. Failure to do so attracts heavy penalties. If you are a pool owner, prepare yourself to spend extra money to install a pool cover. However, if you have already spent all your money on pool construction, a DIY pool cover installation project might not be a bad idea. Fortunately, installing a pool cover doesn’t take too much time and effort. So, consider following these steps when installing a pool cover.

How Do I Install A Pool Cover?

A detailed process of how to install a pool cover #

First, you have to detach all the ladders and handrails from the pool. Doing this gets rid of all equipment that hinders pool cover installation.

Identify the exact measurements of your pool and compare them with those of the pool cover. This way, you will know how to position the cover on the pool. Note that the pool cover can have an overlap of approximately 10 to 15 inches.

Afterward, carefully position the pool cover on the pool. At this stage, if you are not careful, you might cause some wear and tear to the pool cover. Always incorporate something to keep the cover in place. It could be a bag of rice or sand.

Identify and put in place the anchors. This way, the pool cover will be held firmly, and you can remove the bag of sand or whatever you used to keep it in place.

Join the springs to the straps. Then, connect the anchors with the springs. Install them carefully to make sure they are firmly secured.

How to protect my cover #

  1. Note that the pool cover is not a playground. So, ensure your children don’t jump or play on this feature. They could fall or destroy the cover. Also, avoid walking on the pool cover.
  2. Keep your pool cover clean by sweeping away all dirt particles that fall on it. Consequently, you will promote its durability and cut off on your repair costs.
  3. Whenever you want to use the pool, ensure you completely remove the pool cover.
  4. Above all, handle the pool cover with care. Avoid pulling it roughly to prevent wear and tear.

Need to install a pool cover? #

One of the most common pool accessories is the pool cover. This fantastic feature not only keeps your pool clean but also boosts safety. Nonetheless, if you want to install a pool cover, you might need to add to your construction costs. As a result, most pool owners choose to install a pool cover on their own. Fortunately, the process involves simple steps. In fact, you take a few hours to install a pool cover.

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