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How Do I Install a Fiberglass Pool?

In the early years, fiberglass pools incorporated an inefficient installation process that led to constant repairs. Since their first innovation, pool builders used to construct these pools using a foundation of sand. Of course, with time, this led to issues with plumbing and leaks. Over time, pool experts invented another technique to install a fiberglass pool following the frequent revamp procedures. Several pool experts came up with a new installation procedure that proved to be better than the initial one. They suggested incorporating pea gravel as the foundation and backfill. Undoubtedly, this was a great idea, but pea gravel caused many installation problems due to its precarious nature.

How Do I Install a Fiberglass Pool?
How do i install a fiberglass pool? Once you organize everything with your pool contractor, they will come onsite on the day agreed to start on the installation process.

Recently, a pool contractor from Virginia invented a new way of fiberglass installation. The pool company came up with the most suitable technique to install a fiberglass pool. This procedure is currently the major construction method  for fiberglass pools. It leads to less maintenance and revamps procedures. In this article, we discuss the step by step process of how to install a fiberglass pool.

Step 1: Landscape evaluation #

Once you organize everything with your pool contractor, they will come onsite on the day agreed to start on the installation process. On this day, pool builders evaluate the landscape based on your pool size and shape. They put in place the tripod and laser, which builds a strong foundation for the pool. Moreover, they identify the elevation levels on each corner. Afterward, a concrete equipment pad gets layered out onto the surface.

Step 2: Excavation #

The next step is excavation. Usually, your pool contractor will start the process on the next day. During this process, pool builders dig the surface to create the pool space. During this process, they remove debris among any other unwanted materials to set the ideal foundation for the pool. Once your pool builder completes digging the pool, they put in place foundation of about 4 inches of thick clean stone and an eight-inch sump pipe.

Step 3: Pool Delivery #

Typically, fiberglass pools are ready upon delivery. Once the fiberglass pool arrives on site, contractors offload it from the crane and position it on the excavated area. During this process, your pool builder will make sure the fiberglass pool fits as envisioned. They also finish on the plumbing and put in place the wiring and lighting systems.

Step 4: Backfilling #

The pools get backfilled with the clean stone. At the same time, the pool gets filled with water.

Step 5: Grading #

Pool builders set a foundation for the exterior surfaces next to the pool (like the concrete decking) using gravel.

Step 6: Concrete pool decking #

Pool contractors spread the concrete pool deck on the gravel. At the same time, they get rid of any unwanted materials and make sure the form of the pool is perfect.

Step 7: Test run #

At this point, the fiberglass pool installation is over. So, pool builders run a test run for the pool. Additionally, they offer homeowners with the right care tips for their pools.

Summary #

Pool contractors install a fiberglass pool within a short period. Thus, if you want an instant return on investment from your pool, install a fiberglass pool on your property.

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