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How Do I Install A Chlorinator?

In this present age and time, there is a wide range of pool chlorinators. Pool chlorinators fall into two major categories; in-line and offline chlorinators. Both have the same function. They sanitize pools by releasing disinfecting agents at a set rate. Often, pool owners have to feed chlorine or bromine tablets to the chlorinators to cleanse the pool. Pool chlorinators can either be automatic or manual. The one you settle for depends on your taste and budget. But after you purchase a pool chlorinator, do you know how to install a chlorinator?

How Do I Install A Chlorinator?

Wan to install a chlorinator in your pool? #

The technique used to install a chlorinator varies depending on the type of pool chlorinator. In-line chlorinators incorporate a different installation process compared to offline chlorinators.

So, how do you install in-line pool chlorinators? #

Before installing an in-line pool chlorinator, you have to note that it has to get installed only after filter and heater installation. Also, as the pool owner, install the in-line pool chlorinator at ground level. Suppose the pool has a heater; put in place a shut-off valve in the middle of the heater and chlorinator. Below are the detailed steps for installing an in-line pool chlorinator.

  1. The first thing to do would be to turn off all running pool equipment, including the pump.
  2. Identify the perfect spot to cut the pipe. Ensure you know the measurements of the pipe to complement the connection joint in the pool chlorinator.
  3. Fix the adapters of the pool chlorinator into the feeder through threading and sealing afterward.
  4. Attach the pipes to the adapter using effective sealing agents.
  5. Then, you can conduct a test run on the chlorinator by inserting an effective sanitizing agent.

Installation of an offline pool chlorinator #

Typically, the process of installing an offline pool chlorinator is relatively different from that of an in-line chlorinator.

  1. The first step of installing an offline chlorinator is to ensure it is firmly held to the equipment pad. These pads protect the pool chlorinator from external damage and help it sit comfortably on the ground.
  2. Then, identify the position of the inlet and outlets.
  3. At these points, create holes using a drill. These holes should measure 0.375 inches.
  4. Put in place the hose using these holes tightly and securely.
  5. Attach the feeders to the hose and insert chlorine or bromine tablets to the feeder.

Conclusion #

Nowadays, there are different types of chlorinators. Pool chlorinators are essential for keeping your pool sparkling clean. So, all pool owners should use this equipment. Besides, they make the pool cleaning process much more manageable. Ultimately, ensure you install a chlorinator efficiently to optimize its functioning.

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