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How Do I Get Rid Of Pool Algae Fast?

One of the most common problems faced by pool owners is the growth of pool algae. The worrying thing about algae is that they keep on recurring. You might have incorporated a wide range of solutions, but none of them worked. The secret to getting rid of the algae is to identify the issue as fast as possible. Otherwise, you will have to deal with large algae breeding grounds within no time.

How Do I Get Rid Of Pool Algae Fast?

Tips to help you get rid of pool algae #

Clean your pool filter #

For you to maintain a clean pool, you should have a clean pool filter. So, always ensure your filter is clean. You can do this by backwashing the pool. Additionally, you can take out the filter and clean it from time to time. Otherwise, algae will keep occurring in your backyard oasis. Also, if you notice that the pool filter has worn out, it might be time to replace it.

Use a robust brush to scrub the pool surfaces #

You can always brush off pool algae. All you need is a robust brush and disinfecting agent. Scrub all the areas infested with algae.

Shocking to remove pool algae #

Moreover, you can get rid of pool algae by shocking your pool. At times, the algae are too much and might need more sanitizing agents. You can shock the pool using chlorine or calcium hypochlorite. Both chemicals are useful for eliminating and preventing algae.

Ensure you have correct pool chemistry #

Another way of getting rid of pool algae is to ensure you have accurate water chemistry. Thus, keep checking your water chemistry. If the pool chemistry is not balanced, it hinders the sanitizing agent from doing its work. Regularly check your pool pH using test strips.

Vacuum the pool frequently #

One effective way of getting rid of pool algae is vacuuming. Often automatic pool cleaners won’t reach all pool sections. So, use a vacuum to eliminate all algae. If you do this manually, concentrate on the areas infested with algae.

Summary #

Undoubtedly, the majority of pools have pool algae. Algae can make your oasis look dull and dirty. And if you have a commercial pool with algae, you might put off your clients. So, it is always best to get rid of the algae as soon as you spot them. If you don’t, they will multiply and fill your pool. There are various techniques for getting rid of algae. You can vacuum, brush, and maintain accurate pool chemistry in the pool. All these will help your backyard oasis stay free from algae. Ultimately, you have to know that the secret to getting rid of algae is eliminating them immediately. At times, pool chemicals are not enough.

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