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How Do I Fix An Inground Pool Crack?

After years of use, inground pools are prone to developing pool cracks. The majority of pool owners dread experiencing this pool problem since they assume it leads to leakage. But there are two significant types of pool cracks; structural and surface cracks. Often, pool owners experience minor or surface cracks. Thus, they don’t have to incur thousands of dollars for repair. In this article, let’s look at several ways pool contractors use to repair an inground pool crack.

How do I Fix an Inground Pool Crack?
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How do you repair a minor inground pool crack? #

If you have a minor inground pool crack, you can fix this in minutes. All you have to do is dive into the pool with a screwdriver. Get to the place with the minor pool crack. Then, get rid of all surrounding loose particles around the crack. Use the screwdriver to enlarge the crack and insert pool putty into the crack. Then, even out the surface with your hand.

How to repair medium-sized pool cracks #

Suppose you experience an inground pool crack that is neither big nor small; here is what to do. First, empty the pool. Look for a suitable place to keep the water. Spot and open the hydrostatic relief plugs. Then, identify the crack and enlarge it. Use protective wear when doing this to avoid inhaling too much dust. Note that when expanding the crack, do it at a certain angle such that it forms a V-shape. Get rid of all loose particles around the surface. Afterward, patch the crack using the pool plaster mix. In case the crack is too deep, you can fill it with a blend of cement first before applying the pool plaster mix. Always ensure that you maintain a moist atmosphere after fixing the crack. Refill the pool. The Pool plaster mix works well underwater. So, you need not worry about this.

Extreme inground pool crack repair #

For extreme pool cracks, you can always fix them using staples and epoxy. The inground pool crack gets joined together using staple like equipment. Then, plaster gets applied to the small holes to form an even surface.

On the flip side, you can use epoxy to cover your pool cracks. If you have a structural pool crack, this might be the best way to repair them. What happens is that pool contractors insert a shot of epoxy into the pool crack. Pool builders ensure that the epoxy reaches the pool shell. Thus, it is a permanent solution to your pool cracks.

Conclusion #

Pool cracks are a common problem faced by most pool owners. Nonetheless, this problem shouldn’t be a cause for any alarm. An inground pool crack can get fixed quickly. Besides, it is rare to experience structural cracks. So, it is not mandatory to incur thousands of dollars when fixing inground pool cracks.

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