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How do I find a leak in my swimming pool?

Swimming pools will typically lose some water. Evaporation, using the pool, and backwashing the filter will cause some water loss. If you notice more than 2 inches of water loss occuring per week, your swimming pool might have a leak. Determining the source and locating the leak in itself can be a bit tricky. Tracking down the source can be a frustrating process. Many homeowners resort to calling a pool contractor when they fail to find the source. Not to worry, Pool Contractor has put together this helpful guide to assist you in the process. Follow these helpful tips to help you locate the source of the leak.

Locating the source of a leak in your swimming pool #

It’s advisable to check the easiest things first. Many times it’s a simple problem with a simple solution.

  • Do you notice any leaks at the equipment pad? Inspect the filter, pump, heater, and all your connections and unions.
  • Check the surrounding area around the pool for moisture. Is the soil wet or sunken in around the pool area? Does the deck constantly appear wet even when no one is using the pool?
  • If you have a vinyl liner pool, you may typically find tears or separations around the fittings.

How to confirm your pool has a leak #

  1. Mark the water line at the skimmer with a piece of duct tape or washable marker.
  2. One great testing method for diagnosing a pool leak is to place a bucket of pool water on one of the steps of your pool, weight it down so it will not float. Mark the water line on the inside and outside of the bucket. After 24 hours check and see if the water line is equal to the water in the bucket. If you notice a significant drop, it’s a fair indication that you have a leak. This test should be conducted with the pool pump on.
Pool Leak Bucket Test Method - How do find out if your pool is leaking.
Pool Leak Bucket Test Method – How do find out if your pool is leaking.

Typical places where leaks occur in your pool #

  • Check the skimmers, returns, cleaner line, lights, steps and the corners carefully for the source of your leak.
  • If you notice air bubbles in the water in the return line while the pool’s pump is running there is a leak in the filtration system on the suction side.
  • Make certain that the pump basket is tight. Check the o-ring is in good condition and properly seals.

Testing for a Leak #

  • Perform a pH dye test near the suspected location of the leak. If the indicator test reagent gets sucked into the crack or tear this is the source of your leak.
How do you find a leak in a swimming pool? Pool Leak detection kit.
Swimming Pool Technician testing for a leak with pH dye kit.

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