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How Do I Empty My Skimmer Basket?

Apart from the normal pool cleaning process, it is essential to clean your skimmer basket. Doing this helps keep your pool in good shape. Often skimmer baskets tend to get clogged when you forget to empty them. When skimmer baskets hold a lot of dirt, they don’t function optimally. Consequently, their lifespan gets reduced. So, it would be best if you keep checking your skimmer basket from time to time. If possible, check them at least once a week. Of course, it depends on the usage and location of the pool. It’s simple, if you don’t use your pool frequently, you simmer basket won’t be as full.

How Do I Empty My Skimmer Basket?

Cleaning a skimmer basket #

  1. First, switch off your pool pump. Leaving it on might pose a danger when emptying the skimmer basket.
  2. Once you turn off the pool pump, open the skimmer. The basket is often covered with a tight lid. So, remove the lid carefully.
  3. Then, take off the skimmer basket and get rid of all dirt particles trapped in there. Ensure you have an excellent place to dispose of the dirt from the skimmer.
  4. After removing all the dirt, you can wipe the inside of the skimmer using a clean cloth. You can soak it depending on the intensity of the dirt. Afterward, place it back into its position.
  5. Cover the it using the lid.
  6. Switch on the pool pump and leave the pool for use

In a nutshell, emptying a skimmer basket is as simple as that. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. So, make it a habit to empty your skimmer basket as often as possible.

But how do you clean the pump basket? #

  1. Before you start cleaning the pump basket, ensure all pool equipment is off. In particular, switch off the pool pump and heater.
  2. Make sure the skimmer and the main drain valves are not open.
  3. Open the pump basket and remove it for washing,
  4. Then, clean the basket and leave it to dry completely. When doing this, you can identify whether the pump basket is faulty.
  5. After it gets dry, place it back in its position. Close the pump basket with a lid.
  6. Then, you can switch on the pool pump and heater.

Conclusion #

Every pool owner should empty their skimmer and pump baskets to keep their pool in good shape. A skimmer basket carries pool debris. Hence, it needs to get emptied from time to time. Otherwise, it will get full and adversely affect the functioning of the pool pump. So, ensure you check the condition of the skimmer basket at least once a week. This way, you avoid the common pool problems faced by pool owners.

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