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How Do I Build My Own Inground Pool?

Unquestionably, homeowners can incur thousands of dollars on inground pool construction. Thus, most aspiring pool owners turn to DIY pool construction projects nowadays. But before you take part in DIY pool construction, it would be best to have background knowledge and experience in pools. Otherwise, you would put your family at risk. Also, you might end up spending a fortune on pool repairs in the long run. On the other hand, if you have some pool construction experience, you don’t need to hire a pool contractor.

How Do I Build My Own Inground Pool?

Steps of building your own inground pool #

Obtain a pool construction permit #

Typically, in any construction project, you must obtain a permit. So, visit your local authorities and inform them of the upcoming pool construction. They will schedule an appointment with you where they see your property. From there, they can approve the pool construction.

Excavation #

Dig the pool area to create space for your inground pool. If your pool is too large, consider hiring an excavator or reliable pool contractor. During the process, ensure you clean the pool area. Afterward, you can arrange the wall panels and set the foundation of the pool.

Pool Installation - Pool Contractors
Pool Installation – Pool Contractors installing wiring inside an inground pool – Photo Credit: Element Pool Company – San Antonio Pool Builders

Wiring the inground pool #

When fixing the wires in your inground pool, be careful. Alternatively, employ a reputable electrician to conduct the wiring. You might end up spending approximately $1,700 on this. Ensure all the pool equipment gets connected accurately to avoid any short term or long term pool issues. Then, make sure you conduct all pool plumbing accurately.

Finishing the pool #

Once you complete constructing all the pool surfaces, apply finishing material. There is a wide range of finishing materials in this present age and time, from plaster to glass tiles. It all depends on your preference and the primary purpose of the pool. Often, pool owners love applying plaster since it’s a cheap option.

Add pool accessories #

You can always spice up your pool by installing various water features like diving boards and covers. In some states, some of these accessories are mandatory. For instance, some states require all pool owners to install a pool fence and cover. So, after the pool is complete, you can purchase and install the most suitable pool accessories.

Ready to build your own inground pool? #

Homeowners can always build their pools if they know the steps involved. But it is always best if they hire a dependable inground pool contractor to ensure safety. Also, note that the steps involved in pool construction vary based on the pool’s type and design. Nonetheless, for a DIY pool construction project, you can always build a simple rectangular pool.

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