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How Do I Backwash My Pool Filter?

The majority of new pool owners do not know that backwashing keeps a pool clean. First, if you are a pool owner, you need to know that for you to boost your pool’s durability; you need to keep it clean 24/7. At present, there is a broad spectrum of pool cleaning techniques you can incorporate. But one thing is for sure. A dirty filter cannot clean a pool effectively. So, always check the pool filter to make sure it functions optimally. Alternatively, you can backwash the filter to keep it clean. Fortunately, backwashing allows you to clean the filter without disintegrating it.

How Do I Backwash My Pool Filter?

Backwash a pool vs. backwash a filter? #

A large percentage of people don’t know the difference between backwashing a pool filter and backwashing a pool. Well, these two terms mean the same thing. Thus, they can get used interchangeably. So, let’s look at why pool owners choose to backwash their pool filters.

Make sure the multiport valve setting is on backwash
Make sure the multiport valve setting is on backwash – Photo Credit: Easy Pool Cleaning

Backwashing a Sand Filter #

It’s simple to backwash your sand filter. The process for how to backwash a sand filter is the same with subtle variations by brand and model.

  1. Turn off the pump and extend the backwash hose (if you have it).
  2. Pull and twist the plunger upward 2 – 3 inches after twisting and unlocking the plunger T-handle.
  3. Turn on the pump after opening the air bleeder assembly on your filter.
  4. Keep an eye on the pressure gauge for any sudden changes.
  5. Backwash your sand filter for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the water flows clean, after the hose fills with water.
  6. Push the T-handle back down into the locked position after turning off the pump motor.
  7. Restart your pump and take note of the reduced pressure.

Why do pool owners’ backwash their pool filter? #

Typically, pool water that flows toward the pool filter contains dirt particles. But when they pass through the filter, all dirt particles get removed. Therefore, after some period, the filter is prone to blockage due to clogging. One way to solve this problem is to send the water that has already passed through the filter back to the filter. Doing this gets rid of any clogging in the pool filters.

Nonetheless, note that backwashing a pool varies depending on the type of filtration system. So, always consult your pool filter manufacturer about this. Also, you can read and understand the backwashing process on the filter’s manual.

Importance of backwashing your pool filter #

When you backwash your filter, you maximize the efficiency of the equipment. In turn, your filter will last for decades without needing any significant repairs. Besides, your pool will be clean at all times. Indisputably, a pristine pool will be much more attractive hence increase your home’s aesthetics. With backwashing, you avoid common pool problems like algae and pool stains. So, all pool owners should backwash their pool filters to maintain a clean pool.

In conclusion #

From this article, it is clear to see how backwashing is essential for all pools. When backwashing a pool, pool owners need to set the pool water to move in the opposite direction. This way, it can pass through the filter from the inside out. As a result, you prevent clogging and other common pool problems. As much as backwashing may seem gross to most homeowners, it is beneficial. Ultimately, the pool filter has to be clean to maintain a clean pool.

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