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How Do Fire Bowls Work In A Pool?

Undoubtedly, fire bowls can switch your yard into a radiant oasis. These features are spectacular when incorporated in pools. Besides, they create the coziest and warm atmosphere in your pool area. Consequently, they create the ideal place for you and your family to dine at night. Fire bowls do not emanate smoke like fire pits and function using propane or natural gas. But how do these features work when placed in a pool?

How Do Fire Bowls Work In A Pool?

How do pool fire bowls work? #

Homeowners can operate fire bowls both manually and automatically. Both operation techniques are dependable. However, during the rainy seasons, water may interfere with electricity if you are not careful. Pool contractors often fix a gas line from the bowl to a safety shutoff valve. This ensures safety whenever electricity comes into contact with water. In most instances, these fire features have gas lines located next to a control panel. The gas ignites the fire bowl anytime it gets switched on.

Can I place a fire bowl on a wooden pool deck? #

Most pool owners incorporate fire bowls on their pool decks. Contrary to popular belief, it is totally safe to install these features on a wooden pool deck and the sides of your pool. This fantastic feature should get positioned near the house. At night, you can switch it on to create the ideal ambiance in your backyard. The outdoor control panel should also be near the feature. This way, the gas line can run smoothly from the control panel to the fire bowl’s shutoff valve.

Are fire bowls expensive? #

Unlike fire pits, fire bowls are much more expensive as they operate using natural gas lines. Pool owners end up spending thousands of dollars when installing these features. On average, you can spend $3,800 to install a fire bowl. It depends on your pool contractor and the fire bowl design. On the flip side, fire pits incur only $700 for installation. Even so, these features are fantastic and give your outdoor living space a classic and stylish look. But it would be best if you hire a dependable pool contractor to install this distinctive feature for you.

Conclusion #

Typically, fire bowls use gas or propane to function. But propane helps the feature function optimally. They are fantastic features and can transform your outdoor living area into a luxurious holiday destination. You can always place them on pool decks or pool sides. However, ensure that their gas line runs to a shutoff valve to ensure safety, especially if you live in wet areas. Although costly, pool fire bowls can significantly upgrade the value of your home! All you have to do is hire a reliable pool contractor.

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