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How Deep Does A Pool Have To Be To Have A Diving Board?

At present, there is a broad spectrum of water features to choose from. One of the most common water features is a diving board. Diving boards not only enhances your outdoor area but also makes swimming experiences much fun. This spectacular feature can keep your children occupied during the summer holidays. Nonetheless, these features pose safety concerns. So, when installing them, you have to adhere to certain state requirements. Otherwise, the pool users will be at risk for head and neck injuries.

How Deep Does A Pool Have To Be To Have A Diving Board?

How deep should my pool be with a diving board? #

Typically, pools that incorporate diving boards have to be deeper than normal pools. Remember, these fantastic water features allow you to jump into the pool at a high pressure with your head facing downwards. So, the pool needs to be deep enough to prevent swimmers from hitting their heads on the pool floor. Below are various requirements regarding diving board heights and depths.

  • Swimming pools that incorporate a diving board with one meter must incorporate a depth of at least 11.5 feet.
  • If you have a diving board that is three meters long, your pool must incorporate a depth of at least 12.5 feet.
  • Long ding boards of 7.5 meters should incorporate a pool with at least 15 feet depth.

Note that these requirements always vary from state to state. So, always check with your local authorities on the right pool depth to incorporate. Alternately, consult your pool contractor. A dependable pool builder is familiar with all the state regulations and can advise you on this.

Diving in shallow water #

From the above regulations, it is clear to see that diving boards require deep pools. A diving board should not get installed in pools with low depths. Based on previous statistics, accidents resulting from diving take place in 48″ and lower depth pools. So, if your pool is purposefully meant for diving, ensure you incorporate a high depth. Additionally, it is essential to hire a dependable pool contractor. They will advise you best on the accurate depth to incorporate. Pools with multi-level depths place diving boards on the pool’s deep end to adhere to the state regulations.

Always inquire about the depth of the pool #

As a swimming pool user, always confirm with the swimming pool attendant on the pool’s height. Do not use the diving board unless you know the exact depth of the pool. This goes a long way in preventing common pool accidents. If you have an existing shallow pool and desire to install a diving board, you need not worry. You can always conduct a major renovation and increase the depth of your pool.

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