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How Deep Can You Get An Above Ground Pool?

Currently, there are two major types of pools; above ground and inground pools. Both pools offer a wide range of benefits, depending on your specifications. So, before purchasing your pool, analyze your pool needs, and buy the most suitable option. Even so, both pools provide relaxation and fun, especially during the summer holidays. Besides, they promote your home’s aesthetics and boost the value of your property. But an above ground pool offers restricted versatility. Unlike an inground pool, it cannot get customized into just any shape and size. Not to mention, above ground types, have a maximum depth limit. So, how deep can you get an above ground pool?

How Deep Can You Get An Above Ground Pool?

Pool depth options for above ground pool #

If you desire to construct an above ground pool, note that you cannot incorporate any depth. Often, there are only three alternatives to choose from. The first one is one with a depth of 48”. The second above ground pool is 52” deep. And the maximum depth to incorporate in above ground pools is 54”. Note that these are the heights of the pool wall. Deduct 5” or 6” to get the water level. So, if you desire to have a really deep pool, this might not be it. Fortunately, you can incorporate multi-level depths even with these pools. Ultimately, it depends on what you want and the main purpose of the pool. Most residential homeowners find these heights suitable for their needs.

Are there other pool depth options? #

With the expansion of the pool industry, above ground pools can have more depth. Those made of vinyl can go up to 96”. Expandable Vinyl liners are elastic and can stretch to cater to your pool requirements. Needless to say, you’ll have to pay more for such an above ground pool. Even so, note that the pool depth depends on your pool size and layout. Certain pool designs and sizes are mot able to accommodate certain depths. Simply put, larger pools have more depths, while smaller pools incorporate smaller depths.

The bottom line #

Both inground and above ground pools offer a wide array of benefits. However, if you build an above ground pool, you’ll often have to compromise on the pool depth. Above ground, pools cannot be as deep as inground pools. So, if you desire to have a pool with intense depth, you would rather go for an inground pool. However, if you don’t have too many pool requirements, an above ground pool will work perfectly fine for you.

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