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How Deep Are Most Inground Pools?

Aspiring pool owners need to select the right depth for their pools. This way, pool builders will be able to merge all their pool specifications to complement the pool depth. Making this crucial decision requires you to determine your pool’s purpose and how much you want to spend. Inground pools have different depths depending on numerous factors. So, let’s look at the most recommended pool depths for different inground pools.

How Deep Are Most Inground Pools?
How deep are most inground pools? Inground pools have different depths depending on numerous factors. It varies based on the purpose of the pool, size, and shape of the pool.

Swimming pools with more than one depth #

If you have used a swimming pool, then you know what a multiple depth swimming pool is. Almost all pools have both deep ends and shallow ends. Such pools accommodate both swimming pool pros and learners. The shallow end is about 3 feet, while the more in-depth pool section is at least 5 feet.

Diving pools should be deep #

Pools used for diving are usually deep. They are about 8 feet deep. These pools allow for diving competitions or even for people to practice their skills. Diving pools are not safe for anyone who is not an expert. They tend to be slippery at the bottom, and you can lose balance. As a result, they could cause injuries.

Pools meant for sports and game competitions #

If you want to construct a pool where people can enjoy their favorite sport, ensure it is shallow. The best height for such pools is 4 feet. Here, users can play any sport, from volleyball to basketball. A shallow pool enables the user to move around, run, and jump without hurting themselves.

Children pool play area #

At times, commercial inground pools contain a children’s play area. These areas are very shallow and are just about 3 feet. Remember, the users are mostly children and have a short height. Thus, water should be as shallow as possible and offer them enjoyment as well. However, if you target a bit older children, your pool builder will advise you to extend the pool depth. The most important part is to ensure that everyone is safe around the pool play area.

Relaxing Inground Pool
Relaxing Inground Pool – Photo Credit: Element Pool Company – San Antonio Pool Builders

Relaxing pools #

Typically, pool owners construct lounging pools with a depth of about 4 feet. This way, the water level only covers half the user’s body. Of course, you have to consider that people have different heights. But the minimum pool depth should be 3.5.

In summary #

It is now evident that there is no precise answer to the question on the depth of inground pools. It varies based on the purpose of the pool, size, and shape of the pool. It would be helpful to consult your pool contractor about this and come up with the most suitable pool depth.

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