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How Are Fiberglass Pools Made?

Today, the popularity of fiberglass pools is constantly on the rise. Fiberglass pools are well known to offer high adaptability and low maintenance costs. Thus, they can be highly customizable to fit your requirements. Not to mention, these pools are a great source of enjoyment and relaxation as they can accommodate almost any water feature. Aspiring pool owners who need to construct their pools in a short time often buy these pools. They incur a short construction time. But how are fiberglass pools made? In this article, we look at the steps of manufacturing a fiberglass pool.

How Are Fiberglass Pools Made?

Steps of manufacturing fiberglass pools #

Step 1 #

 Come up with the plug or pattern #

One thing you have to note is that fiberglass pools get delivered when they are ready-made. So, the manufacturer constructs these pools and then later transports them to the site. The first thing when manufacturing a fiberglass pool is to come up with the plug. Basically, the plug is like the pool’s layout. Afterward, manufacturers come up with the mold, which is then fixed in the plug. When the mold settles for some time, manufacturers remove it. Certain chemical agents and sealants are useful during this process. They allow the mold to detach itself from the plug. On average, this step takes about 12 to 16 weeks.

Step 2 #

Working on the mold #

Manufacturers then start working in the mold. After it gets removed from the plug, its surface is well designed to complement the plug. Doing this also takes a long time. You’ll finish working on the mold after at least 12 weeks.

Step 3 #

Fiberglass pools:Build the pool shell #

Manufacturers construct the pool shell from the mold. At this stage, the mold has to be complete. It does not take long to build the pool shell. Manufacturers take a maximum of two days to construct the pool shell.

Detaching the pool shell from the mold #

The mold usually has wheels for easy transportation. So, once the pool shell is complete, the mold gets detached from the pool shell. Now, the pool gets left on its own and ready for delivery. Manufacturers find it tedious to do this. It takes a great effort to release the pool shell from the mold. Then, the mold gets stored properly for further use.

Ready for fiberglass pools? #

If you are looking to save both the initial and lifetime costs of a pool, fiberglass is a good option for you. Besides, the installation process takes a short time since it is always delivered when ready. Manufacturers construct fiberglass pools then transport them to the site. The first step to constructing a fiberglass pool is coming up with the pattern. Afterward, the mold gets created, and the pool shell gets created from the mold. Once everything is complete, the pool shell gets released from the mold. It takes a long time to manufacture a fiberglass pool. Fortunately, the construction process does not involve any complexities.

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