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Does A Pool Pump Need To Be On A Dedicated Circuit?

A pool pump is what keeps a pool function effectively. So, before pool construction, ensure you hire dependable pool builders who’ll fix an efficient pump for you. They can only function with electricity. They should get fixed to a strong power source since they use a lot of electricity. A dependable pool professional often advises you to use a thick extension cord to run the equipment. Additionally, since pool pumps function with high power, they need a dedicated circuit.

Does A Pool Pump Need To Be On A Dedicated Circuit?

So, does a pool pump need a disconnect? #

Similarly, pool owners always want to know whether a pool pump needs a disconnect. Disconnects are important in regulating power and turning off pool equipment like filters and pumps. Often, disconnects are useful during service and maintenance procedures. Nonetheless, only use extension cords for inground pools. Please don’t use them for above ground pools.

Operating the pump #

Another reason why pool pumps need more power is that they operate for a long time. It is important to keep your pool pump on for long periods to maintain a clean backyard oasis. Nonetheless, you have to know your pool’s size to identify the accurate time of leaving your pump on. At times, pool owners can leave it on for 24 hours. It all depends on the condition of your pool.

On average, you can turn the pump for about six to eight hours a day. You can always adjust the time depending on your pool. For instance, if you have a large-sized pool, you will have to turn on the equipment for longer. Remember, you are trying to cut on your electrical bills. If you don’t use your pool often, there is no need to turn it for 24 hours. Always ensure that the pool pump functions optimally. Get rid of any clogging that may interfere with the pump.

What size breaker do I need for the pool pump? #

Usually, a normal above ground pool uses a size breaker of 20 amperages. On the other hand, inground pool pumps use a subpanel of 100 amperages.

The reason my pool pump keeps tripping the breaker #

If your pool pumps constantly trip your breaker, this may indicate an issue. In some instances, water can interfere with the normal functioning of the circuit breaker.

Conclusion #

Typically, a pool pump needs to be on a dedicated circuit. Pool pumps use a lot of power; hence they function best when they have their circuit. But it is always best to save on energy by regulating the time the pump is on. If you have a residential pool, you can reduce the time you turn on your equipment.

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