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Do I Need To Acid Wash A Pool?

Pools are definitely a great source of entertainment and fun. But all pool owners should incorporate the right maintenance procedures. Otherwise, they might start noticing discolorations on their pool. Also, pools that are poorly maintained entertain large algae breeding grounds. The issues mentioned above may require harsh cleaning procedures. A regular wash might not be sufficient to eradicate all these problems. One of the ways to get rid of pool stains is to acid wash a pool. One sign that you need to acid wash a pool is if your pool floor is invisible.

Do I Need To Acid Wash A Pool?

How do you acid wash a pool? #

First, you have to empty the pool. You can do this using a sump pump. Organize with your local authorities where you can dispose of the water. Afterward, make the pool surfaces wet with water. Then use a hose to spritz muriatic or hydrochloric acid around the pool walls. Ensure you spread it on all pool walls, especially in the hidden corners. Here, algae tend to grow. Use a soft brush to scrub the pool surfaces. Then, rinse the pool and get rid of the acid after approximately half a minute. Remember that acid highly corrodes plaster. So, avoid leaving it for long on the plaster. In case you don’t get rid of the pool stains in the first wash, you can repeat this process on the affected area. At times, you may have to conduct this process again on the whole pool. It depends on the condition of your pool.

Is it advisable to acid wash a pools? #

As seen earlier, acid etches out the plaster. So, you should acid wash a pool once in four or five years. It all depends on the condition of your pool. In fact, if you take good care of your pool, you might not have to acid wash your pool until after ten years. Also, other mild pool chemicals can be get rid of pool stains and algae breeding grounds. Although effective, it might be too harsh for your pool. One thing you have to note is that you should not acid wash a vinyl pool. Vinyl liners are super delicate. They quickly wear and tear when they come into contact with acid.

In summary #

Acid washing leaves your pool spotless. However, this process can damage your pool plaster and surfaces. Acid is highly corrosive and can etch out the plaster. So, avoid conducting this process often. In fact, if you desire to acid wash a pool, do this after every five or seven years. Keep in mind that acid washing is not recommended for vinyl liner pools. If you have a vinyl liner pool, never conduct this cleaning procedure.

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