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Converting a Gunite Pool to Vinyl Liner

Are you thinking of having your old gunite pool converted to a vinyl liner pool? This is a cost-effective alternative to getting your pool resurfaced or completely replaced. Please note, this is not a do-it-yourself project that can be completed with off-the-shelf liners and parts. Make sure the job is done by a reputable pool professional, such as Paradise Pool And Patio – who graciously contributed this article today.

While you might find a suitable liner, it is preferable to have a custom liner designed for your pool conversion. A custom fitted liner is more expensive than a stock liner, but the improved fit is worth it.

The remaining supplies for your pool conversion can be purchased from a pool supply company. If you are hiring a pool contractor, you can save money by purchasing the pool conversion components yourself. To attach the liner to the pool, you’ll need a track system. This device is built around the entire circumference of your pool with stainless screws just under the coping.

Gunite Pool Converted Into Vinyl Liner Pool
Gunite Pool Converted Into Vinyl Liner Pool

A pad will be installed between the liner and the gunite walls during the pool conversion. Strips of rolled wall foam are cut and attached to the walls. This is where an adhesive comes in handy. The aim is to cushion the gunite so that it does not scratch your vinyl liner.

For the installation, you should choose a pool contractor with conversion experience and vinyl liner replacement experience. You can get help measuring and installing the track from a pool conversion specialist. Remember that if the liner dimensions aren’t exact, you won’t be able to convert the pool.

Labor would be the most expensive part of converting a gunite pool to a vinyl liner pool. Changing out the skimmers and returns is included in the labor cost we mentioned earlier. Hire pool contractors who have experience making pool liners and can provide you with references for previous pool conversion projects. Before you sign a deal, stop by and look at the pools. Seeing pools they’ve built or photos of them doing so will demonstrate that they’re up to the task.

If you hire pool contractors with pool conversion experience, such as Paradise Pool And Patio, and have the liner manufactured by a professional pool conversion supply company, you can have a good pool conversion.

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