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Can You Tile Over Existing Pool Tiles?

Often, pool owners desire to boost their pool’s aesthetics by upgrading their pool surface. They can do this by putting in place new pool tiles. Unlike before, getting rid of the existing pool tiles is not necessary. Pool experts have invented a way of installing new pool tiles over old ones. So, you don’t have to incur massive costs of removing the existing tiles.

Can You Tile Over Existing Pool Tiles?

However, when you plan to install tiles, ensure that the old ones are in perfect condition. Otherwise, they might cause complexities during installation. So here are some things to do before tiling over existing pool tiles.

Evaluate the existing pool tiles #

As seen earlier, damaged pool tiles can interfere with the new tile installation. So, examine your old pool tiles and identify any cracks, among other damages. Ensure that the tiles are free from moisture. You can always do this by checking for any discoloration. Whenever you pinpoint any problems, it would be best to get rid of the existing pool tiles. Then, start the pool tile installation process afresh.

Prepare the surface for installation #

After confirming that the pool surface is free from any issues:

  1. Make all the preparation procedures.
  2. During this process, check for any loose tiles.
  3. Make sure the new tiles complement the pool area.
  4. Get rid of all grease using an effective detergent or chemical to prep the site.
  5. Leave the area to dry completely.

Lay the groundwork and position the new pool tiles #

Once the area gets dry, apply the adhesive on the surface. As you do this, position each tile. The bonding agent could get too dry and fail to fix the tiles on the ground firmly.

Apply sealant for protection #

Regardless of the type of adhesive you use, you have to use a sealant. Doing this will prevent the tiles from taking in moisture. Moisture can lead to the accumulation of mildew on the pool surfaces. So, don’t skip this process. Hire a reliable pool contractor who can deliver a job well done. Tiling over existing pool tiles requires an experienced pool builder who is familiar with the process. This way, you can rest assured that your pool tiles will offer high durability.

Ready to install pool tiles #

Fortunately, you need not remove existing pool tiles just to install new ones. Pool contractors can put in place new pool tiles over the old ones. However, the old pool tiles should be free from any damage. Otherwise, they would interfere with the installation of the new tiles. It would be best if you carefully evaluated your old pool tiles before overlaying them with new ones.

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