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Can You Shoot Gunite In The Rain?

When constructing pools, pool contractors usually work in outdoor spaces. The reason why homeowners prefer installing their pools during the summer season is due to the favorable weather. Indisputably, it can be inconvenient to proceed with construction if there is rain. In particular, it can be challenging to shoot gunite in the rain. But, remember that pool builders work under strict deadlines. So, they have to plan. Often, experienced pool builders will analyze the weather forecast and plan ahead of time. This way, they can complete the gunite pool before the deadline.

Can You Shoot Gunite In The Rain?

But is it possible to shoot gunite in the rain? #

Typically, pool contractors can shoot gunite in the rain. However, it is tedious to do this and could take longer than usual. It is rare for the pool to have issues afterward, mostly if the rain was not heavy. So, if you think that the rain would interfere with your pool’s functioning, you are mistaken. In fact, most gunite pools constructed in the rain last for decades.

Pool experts confirm that if you shoot gunite in the rain, your pool will be fine. However, the gunite has to get applied over again. Besides, most pool contractors will sort out any issues that might occur in your pool. Also, the majority of them offer durable warranties. So, there is no need to worry about this. Note that on a rainy day, the construction of a gunite pool will take longer. On average, it will delay construction by two or three days. It all depends on the intensity of the rain. However, if you plan beforehand, this won’t be a problem.

How do you spray gunite? #

When constructing a gunite pool, cement and sand get inserted into a high-pressure hose. Then, a big transportation truck takes the mixture onsite. Once it reaches onsite, gunite pool contractors will mix cement with water once it comes to the hose’s nozzle. Then, the pool contractors shoot it over a rebar framework using a high-pressure hose. Afterward, leave the gunite to cure for about 28 days or more. So, if you plan on constructing a gunite pool, you’d instead start the process early.

In conclusion #

It is possible to shoot gunite in the rain. But this often delays the pool construction process. Even so, a good pool contractor will always plan. They analyze the weather before they start constructing the pool. This way, they can prepare themselves and only build when the weather is dry. So, it is always advisable to hire a highly experienced pool contractor. This way, you are 100% guaranteed of quality within your desired time frame.

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