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Can You Resurface a Pool Yourself?

Unquestionably, a pool not only modifies your yard into a premium oasis but also serves as a source of entertainment. Nevertheless, keeping your pool in good shape will mean incorporating various maintenance procedures. Otherwise, you will have to deal with common pool problems. Often, pool surfaces wear out after years of use. In such instances, resurfacing becomes necessary. The costs of resurfacing vary depending on your type of pool. But it can be quite costly. As a result, some pool owners conduct DIY pool resurfacing. So, yes, it is possible to resurface a pool in a DIY project. However, you have to be knowledgeable about pool construction. You might worsen the issue of you are not a pool expert.

Can You Resurface a Pool Yourself?

Detailed DIY steps to resurface a pool #

Step 1: Empty the pool #

The first step to resurface a pool is to empty the pool. Do this carefully to keep the pool in good shape. Find a place where this water can stay for the time being. You can always organize this with the local authorities.

Step 2: Get rid of all dirt particles in the pool #

After draining out the pool, eliminate all dirt particles on the pool surface. Use a soft brush or broom to sweep the pool’s surface. Nonetheless, ensure that the pool remains spotless. If you have a concrete pool, pressure washing would be a good idea. Get rid of all pool stains and algae breeding grounds during this stage. Resurfacing often requires a super clean pool.

Step 3: Conduct preparation #

Then, identify any cracks and uneven surfaces. Make sure you fix all of them before you resurface a pool. Occasionally, you might have structural damages, and you will have to call your pool contractor.

Step 4: Apply the primer #

Right before you resurface a pool, apply a primer. The primer prepares the pool’s surface for resurfacing. Besides, it boosts the longevity of the pool. Usually, primers have strong smells. So, always wear a protective mask to prevent yourself from inhaling it. Apply the primer on every surface of the pool. Don’t leave out any areas! Afterward, could you leave it to dry for about three hours? If you have more time, you can leave it for four hours to guarantee it’s completely dry.

Step 5: Finish the surface #

In this stage, start applying the epoxy on the whole pool surface. Always start from the deep section of the pool and finish towards the shallow areas. Before you begin using the epoxy, ensure you read and understand the instruction manual. Typically, three or four applications of epoxy are enough. Once you finish applying the topcoat, please leave it to dry for one week. Then, you can refill the pool.

Ready to resurface a pool? #

Ultimately, you can resurface a pool by yourself. But it would be best if you hire a dependable pool contractor. In turn, you keep your family safe.

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