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Can You Pressure Wash a Vinyl Pool?

One way to boost your pool’s longevity is by cleaning it regularly. There are several techniques for cleaning your pool. One of them is pressure washing. This procedure is highly recommended for concrete pools. Pressure washing helps you maintain a clean pool and prevent common pool issues like algae. So, can you pressure wash a vinyl pool?

Can You Pressure Wash a Vinyl Pool?

Pressure wash a vinyl pool #

When vinyl pools get dirty, the liners tend to change the color. So, if you own a vinyl pool, ensure you clean it regularly. But avoid using a pressure washer for vinyl pools. When you pressure wash a vinyl pool, you damage the liner. This process is intense since it uses high pressure. The thickness of the liner does not matter. As a result, you can wear out the liner. Also, you can create holes in the liner and reduce its durability. Let’s not forget the massive liner replacement costs. Suppose your liner gets damaged; you’ll end up spending approximately $4,000 on the replacement. So, you should never pressure wash your vinyl pool.

So, how do I clean a vinyl pool liner? #

Now, you know that you should not pressure wash a vinyl pool liner. There are other ways that you can keep a clean pool liner. Some of them include:

Use a nylon pool brush #

Use a nylon pool brush to clean your vinyl pool liner. This brush is mild on the liner and can get rid of all dirt in the liners. Additionally, the nylon pool brush provides high durability. They come in different types depending on the brand. Before purchasing one, analyze all your pool requirements, including the size and angles of your pool. If the pool has sharp corners, find a nylon pool brush that will clean these areas effectively.

Pool Mitt #

Pool mitt is also suitable for cleaning a vinyl liner. Unlike a standard brush, it can reach all those hidden areas of the pool.

Mytee Mitt #

Mytee mitt is strong enough to get rid of almost all waste matter, including algae. Nonetheless, it does not cause damage to the liner. You can use the mytee mitt to get rid of dirt from the liners, among other pool features.

When cleaning a vinyl liner pool, ensure you use the right cleaning chemicals. Using the wrong pool chemicals wears out the liner and can cost you many pool repair costs.

Summary #

Typically, you cannot pressure wash a vinyl pool. Doing this destroys the liner and increases your pool repair costs. Although pressure washing might be effective, incorporate other cleaning techniques for your vinyl pool. Some of them include using a nylon pool brush and pool mitt. Also, always ensure you use the right cleaning agents for your vinyl pool to prevent damaging the liner.

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