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Can You Partially Bury An Above Ground Pool?

Occasionally, above ground pool owners desire to invigorate their yard space by creating an inground pool. So, instead of getting rid of their pool, they can bury it to create space for the new pool. On the other hand, some pool owners desire to create extra yard space by burying their above ground pool. But is this possible? Well, yes, you can bury your above ground pool and construct an inground pool in that same space. Even so, only specific above ground pools can accommodate this. Some types of above ground pools cannot get buried in the ground. Consequently, before burying an above ground pool, confirm with your pool contractor whether it can get buried. Alternatively, you can look up this information in your manufacturers’ manual.

Can you partially bury an above ground pool?

Why should you bury an above ground pool? #

Save on pool construction costs #

When you bury an above ground pool to install an inground pool, you’ll save on costs. We all know the massive construction costs that come with pools. The above ground pool minimizes the effort and costs required for excavation. But note that you will have to purchase a costly pool pump that will accommodate the inground pool.

Disadvantages of burying an above ground pool #

Depth limit #

When building an inground pool out of an above ground pool, you won’t incorporate your preferred pool depth. Remember, the above ground pool already has a certain depth. So, you’ll have to use the same depth for your inground pool. So, if you want a deep pool, you might have to create an inground pool from scratch. Nonetheless, always consult your pool contractor about this.

Limited flexibility #

Although it is less expensive, burying an above ground pool does not offer many customization options. You’ll have to create a pool design similar to the above ground pool. But nowadays, above ground pools also have attractive designs. If you desire to build an intricate pool design, it would be best to build a new inground pool.

Is burying my above ground pool worth it? #

Often, pool owners face a dilemma when it comes to burying their above ground pools. Well, analyze all your pool requirements and make your decision. It is convenient and cheap to create an in-ground pool out of an above ground pool. Nevertheless, if you want a custom pool, this might not be the way to go. Burying your above ground pool limits your pool design options. Also, it might create many pool issues for you in the long run. But always consult your pool contractor on the best way to go about this. You can save massive pool construction costs just by burying your above ground pool.

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