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Can You Paint Pool Bottom?

In the early years, plaster had not yet been invented. So, the majority of pool owners painted their pool surfaces. Nonetheless, painting a pool carried several drawbacks since it didn’t offer high longevity. Surprisingly, some pool owners still paint their pools today. Painting a pool incurs less cost than other finishing techniques. But do pool owners paint pool bottom? Yes, it is possible to paint all the surfaces of your pool, including the floor. So, let’s look at how the process of panting the pool bottom looks like.

Can You Paint Pool Bottom?
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The preparation process of painting the bottom of a pool #

Before painting the pool bottom, eliminate any greasy particles on the pool’s floor. Applying paint on a greasy surface won’t produce the desired outcomes. If your pool contains a plaster finish, use acid to chisel it out. Then, you can start painting the pool. Depending on the type of paint, you can start painting right away. Paints like epoxy paints will require you to leave the pool bottom to dry before application. However, with acrylic paint, you can start painting pool bottom even when the surface is not completely dry. Mark all the surfaces you want to paint and proceed to paint pool bottom. Unlike pool plaster, pool paint incorporates less preparation.

The application processes #

After preparing the pool surface, you can begin painting. Ensure the paint is ready and begin applying the first coat. Allow it to dry and apply another layer of paint. Note that the time taken for the paint to dry varies depending on the type of paint. Typically, some types of paint usually take more time to dry than others.

Costs to paint pool bottom #

Buying paint is indisputably expensive than buying normal paint. On average, a gallon of paint costs $70. You require several gallons to paint pool bottom. It all depends on your pool’s surface area. A DIY pool painting project can cost approximately $800. But when you hire a pool service technician, you might end up spending about $1,000 to $5,000. Note that the paint won’t last for decades. The paint can last up to seven years. Besides, it can start chipping after two years. So, prepare yourself for the massive repair costs you’ll spend to paint the pool’s bottom surface. Nonetheless, there are some paints made particularly for pools. They are waterproof and can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions.

Ready to paint pool bottom? #

You can always paint pool bottom to enhance the pool’s aesthetics. Employ a reputable pool contractor to do this for you. When painting your pool, settle for the most quality paints that offer maximum longevity. However, note that painting your pool may not be the best finishing option since it might not last you for decades. Today, most pool contractors suggest various finishing options like plaster and glass tiles.

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