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Can You Install a Pool Light in an Existing Pool?

Before constructing a pool, you might not realize the importance of pool lights. But after your pool is ready, you’ll see the need to install pool lights. Not only do pool lights turn your yard into a glowing oasis at night, but they also improve swimming visibility at night. So, if you plan on constructing a pool, ensure you include LED lighting. But can you install a pool light in an existing pool? Well, yes. In fact, the majority of pool revamps entail adding pool lighting.

Can You Install a Pool Light in an Existing Pool?

Step by step process to install a pool light in an existing pool #

Step 1: Select your preferred pool lights #

First, you have to know the most suitable lighting that works best for your pool. So, consider your budget, among other requirements. However, it would be best if you invested in good pool lighting that offers high longevity. Otherwise, you will keep on repairing your pool lights from time to time. Today, the most recommended pool lights are LED lights. These lights save on energy compared to other pool lights.

Step 2: Assemble the pool lights #

After you identify the best pool lighting, hire a dependable pool contractor to start installing the lights. The first thing they will do is placing the pool lights in the water to see how it reacts. This way, they can find out if the pool lights function properly. Make sure they do this based on the instructions of the manufacturer. Otherwise, the pool lights can get damaged.

Step 3: Find a reliable power source #

Once pool contractors plan to install a pool light in an existing pool, they must create a primary power source. Note that there is a wide variety of pool lighting. Each of them source power differently. For instance, battery operated lights only need quality batteries to function effectively. Other lights like corded lights need an electric power source. So, it would be best if you had a pool contractor who is knowledgeable about electricity. Alternatively, you can hire an experienced electrician to install the pool lights.

Step 4: Put in place the pool lights #

Once the contractor sets up the power supply, they can install the pool lighting. All they have to do is follow the instruction manual on how to position the lights.

Ready to install a pool light #

You can always install a pool light in an existing pool. All you have to do is hire a dependable pool service technician. They will advise you on the best pool lights and proceed with the installation. But they have to set up a primary source of power for your pool lights. So, you might consider hiring someone who has foundational knowledge of electricity. Remember, you want to ensure safety for everyone.

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