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Can You Expand an Existing Pool?

After years of use, pool owners usually desire to upgrade their poolside area. One of the ways they can do this is by increasing the size of their pool. The thought of doing this can make you cringe. I mean, it is almost like starting the pool construction process over again. So, the first thing to do would be to look for a dependable pool contractor. Highly experienced pool builders are well knowledgeable on how to expand an existing pool. With them, all your pool needs will get met. Nevertheless, enlarging an existing pool may cost you a fortune.

Can You Expand an Existing Pool?

First, what is your pool type? #

The first thing that your pool contractor will ask you when you desire to expand an existing pool is the type of pool you have. The costs of enlarging your pool will vary depending on the type of pool. Typically, concrete pools are more expensive to expand. But concrete is a highly versatile material and offers unlimited, customizable options. So, if you have a concrete pool, you can expand it to almost any size. It depends on your preference and the size of your pool area. On the flip side, fiberglass and vinyl liner pools are less versatile than concrete pools. As a result, they offer limited expansion options. In most instances, your budget determines the extent to which you will expand your pool.

Do I need to expand the pool when changing my pool shape? #

Changing your pool’s shape means that you’ll have to change the size of your pool too. If you want a certain shape, you might have to increase the pool size. It would be best to hire a dependable pool contractor who will cater to all your pool needs. They will advise you on the right size to add based on all your pool requirements.

Increasing the depth of your pool #

Occasionally, pool owners expand an existing pool by increasing the depth. When making a pool deeper, pool contractors mostly use advanced equipment. But ensure you have enough underground space that enables you to increase your pool depth. A well-trained pool builder will always evaluate the pool area and make this possible for you.

Are you planning to expand an existing pool? #

If you desire to modify your backyard into an exceptional oasis, you can always make some changes to your pool. Some homeowners customize their pool by increasing its size. There are several ways to expand an existing pool. You can add a pool section and increase the depth of the pool. Either way, always ensure that you meet all your pool needs. Ultimately, expanding your pool plays a huge role in creating the perfect outdoor living space.

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