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Can You Enclose Pool Equipment?

At times, several homeowners prefer enclosing their pool equipment. They do this for various reasons. It could be to protect the equipment or to make sure their pool area appears neater. Nonetheless, it is not compulsory to enclose the equipment. Why? The configuration of this equipment allows them to withstand the external environment. All you have to do is implement the right maintenance tips when it comes to the equipment.

Can You Enclose Pool Equipment?

Advantages of enclosing your pool equipment #

Even so, there are several benefits attached to enclosing your pool equipment. They include:

  • When you enclose your the equipment, you give them extra protection. Consequently, this promotes the durability of the equipment.
  • Enclosing equipment prevents noise pollution. You will barely hear the sound of running equipment.
  • Enclosing the equipment makes your outdoor living space to appear more organized.
  • You can save space just by enclosing the equipment.

Different types of pool enclosure #

At present, there are various types of pool enclosures. Manufacturers design them with a ventilation area to keep the equipment in good condition. Their sizes vary depending on your manufacturer. Some of them can accommodate many pool equipment while some only accommodate a few pieces of equipment. Nonetheless, it is always best to choose an enclosure that boosts the aesthetics of your pool area.

Storing pool heaters in an enclosure #

Before you put a pool heater in an enclosure, consult your manufacturer. Alternatively, you can read the manual and identify how to store it in an enclosure. In particular, gas pool radiators can be dangerous if they don’t receive proper aeration. They produce carbon monoxide, which creates a health hazard. On the flip side, several pumps need to function around massive streams of wind. So, always consider these aspects before placing your pool heater in an enclosure.

Factors to consider when buying a pool equipment enclosure #

Large pool equipment closures can accommodate a wide range of equipment. But always consider the factors below before you enclose your equipment.

  • Ensure that the pool enclosure offers maximum ventilation. Doing this always boosts the longevity of the equipment. Also, it makes the pool equipment function optimally. Besides, you’ll always prevent moisture build-up around the equipment when the enclosure allows for aeration.
  • Buy the right size of the pool enclosure. This way, it can cater to all your requirements.
  • If you plan to store your pool chemicals in the enclosure, ensure there are separate slots for this. You don’t want the pool chemicals to interact with other equipment.
  • Select the most convenient place of setting up the pool enclosure. You can always consult your pool contractor on this.

In summary #

Enclosing your pool equipment offers a broad spectrum of benefits. But it is not compulsory and necessary. So, do what works best for you. If you know that enclosing your equipment will cater to all your needs, then go ahead and install this feature.

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