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Can You Change Your Existing Pool Shape?

Today, each pool is unique and comes in different shapes. From rectangular pools to freeform pools, all offer distinct aesthetic features. After some years of use, pool owners can desire to make alterations to their pools. So, at times, they change the pool shape.

Can You Change Your Existing Pool Shape?
Can you change your existing pool shape? when changing the shape, builders sometimes add construction material. Therefore, exposed concrete needs to get layered with finishing material.

Is it easy to change my pool shape? #

Transforming a curved pool into an oval pool is not a walk in the park for most pool contractors. During the process, a lot of changes always need to get done. Some of them include changing the depth of the pool and water level.

So, yes. It is possible to change the shape. However, it is a complicated procedure. So, you might end up spending thousands of dollars. Even so, nothing beats the breathtaking view offered by changing the shape.

Why do pool owners change the pool shape? #

Some of the reasons why pool owners may want to change their shape include:

  • Aesthetics reasons. Some pool owners want to beautify their yard and increase their home value.
  • Expand their backyard space. At times, a regular pool can take up to much of the backyard space. Thus, pool owners can make the shapes irregular to complement the landscape. Consequently, there will be extra space to construct other outdoor features. Some of them include an outdoor kitchen and a large patio area.
  • Modernize the swimming pool. If you constructed your swimming pool over twenty years back, it is high time you make some changes. There is a wide range of pool designs to choose from nowadays.
  • Once you determine the exact shape you want, tell your builder about it. They will advise on the best pool shapes you can incorporate.

What equipment has to remain when changing the shape? #

When changing the pool shape, pool contractors have to change almost everything. However, the initial skimmer box should remain untouched.

Should I resurface my pool after changing my the shape? #

After pool contractors change the shape of your backyard oasis, they have to redo the interior surface of the pool. Remember, the inclinations are now different; thus, the surface could be uneven. Also, when changing the pool’s shape, builders sometimes add construction material. Therefore, exposed concrete needs to get layered with finishing material. Consequently, pool owners should resurface or replaster your pool.

Conclusion #

Changing the shape is essential in keeping the pool up to date. Nevertheless, the procedure involved in altering the pool shape is complicated. A lot of alterations on the pool ought to get done. So, you might incur high costs when changing the shape. It’s almost like constructing a whole new pool.

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