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Can You Acid Wash a Pool Without Draining?

Often, pool contractors have to drain water when planning to acid wash a pool. This is one of the ways to ensure that thorough cleaning gets done. Nonetheless, doing this seems daunting to the majority of homeowners. Additionally, draining and refilling the pool consumes a lot of time; hence, it can be inconvenient. Fortunately, pool experts have invented a way of acid washing a pool without draining. So how does this work?

Can You Acid Wash a Pool Without Draining?

Can cleaning a pool using a no drain acid wash work? #

Nowadays, you don’t have to drain your pool when acid washing. What you have to do is reduce the pH of the pool water. This way, an acidic environment gets created in your pool. The acid gradually eliminates loose particles and surface stains. Nonetheless, this process can wear out pool plaster. But it only takes three days to do this procedure.

Does a no drain acid wash work effectively? #

The no drain acid wash is not as effective as the normal acid wash. In the usual acid wash, acid is directly applied to plaster. Thus, with the standard acid washing method, you rest assured that all parts of the pool stay sparkling clean. On the other hand, acid washing without draining the pool might not be as intense.

Even so, a no-drain acid wash is suitable for homeowners in drought areas. Also, it is much safer than the normal acid wash. Occasionally, it is dangerous to conduct regular acid washing. Additionally, it can be more costly since you’ll have to hire a pool contractor to drain out the pool for you.

What should you do before acid wash a pool? #

  • Always conduct a no acid drain wash when the weather is cool.
  • You have to filter and disinfect your pool thoroughly one week before the no acid drain wash.
  • It would be best to ensure your pool is spotless before a no acid drain wash.
  • Eliminate all pool additions like LED lighting, rails, and temporary ladders.
  • Temporarily remove automatic pool cleaners, covers, and other pool accessories.
  • Before a no drain acid wash, ensure you put in excess water into the pool.
  • Switch off all running equipment of the pool like pool pumps.

In summary #

Typically, you can always acid wash a pool without having to drain all your pool water. So, you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience that comes about with an acid wash. Also, you won’t have to keep supervising a no-acid wash. It is a great method of cleaning your pool. However, a no acid drain wash may not be as effective as a normal acid.

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