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Can I Put My Pool Pump A Timer?

Pool pumps are the focal point of all pools. Thus, pools cannot function without them. They foster clean and healthy pools that are safe for use. However, a pool pump should be on for a set period to work effectively. Otherwise, your pool will have algae or debris on the floor. So, please do not switch off your pump before it completes purifying the pool water. Also, avoid leaving a pump on for long periods as they can break down. Nowadays, technology has made everything so easy. You can use a pool timer to run your pump.

Can I Put My Pool Pump A Timer?
Can I put my pool pump a timer? A pool timer is the best device to use when it comes to running your pump.

What does a pool timer do? #

Pool contractors connect pool timers to the pumping and filtration systems. So, pool pumps automatically go on at the specified time. Likewise, the pumps automatically go off after the pool gets purified. Today, there are various brands of pool timers. Most of them work the same regardless of the price. But there are some which enable you to operate them using Bluetooth.

Can I leave my pump on for 24 hours? #

Usually, you can turn on the pump for the whole day. But it is not cost-effective and can hike your electricity bill. Pool pumps work using high power of more than 3500 kilowatts per year. So, when it comes to this equipment, always try your best to save energy.

How long should I leave the pool pump? #

Every pool is different and has different requirements. So, to identify the correct time to keep your pump on, estimate the average time the pool takes to get clean. Usually, pool professionals recommend leaving your pump on for at least eight to ten hours a day.

Then, identify your pool capacity. If you have an extra small pool, you can leave the pump on for about six hours or even five hours. Thus, you can save on energy. It’s simple; large pools require more cleaning due to high water capacity. On the other hand, smaller pools get purified faster. But always keep track of the pool. If you notice it doesn’t get clean during the specified period, you can always increase the duration.

Can I use my phone alarm instead? #

With the increasing information on Google, DIY projects are becoming quite popular. So, several pool owners always want to time the pool pumps by themselves. But this can be dangerous, especially if you have a busy schedule. You can forget turning your filter off. In turn, you can overwork your filter, and it can get damaged. Additionally, you can hike up your electricity bills.

Conclusion #

Ultimately, Pool timers are the best devices to use when it comes to running your pool pump.

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