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Can I Power Wash My Gunite Pool?

Gunite pools that accommodate large bather loads often tend to get dirty much quicker. So, pool owners need to incorporate intense cleaning procedures from time to time. One of the simplest ways to conduct a thorough cleaning procedure in your pool is to power wash your pool. So, how do you power wash your gunite pool?

Can I Power Wash My Gunite Pool?

Power wash quickens and simplifies pool cleaning #

Detailed steps of how to power wash your pool #

First, you have to note that a power wash is only recommended for gunite pools. The cleaning procedure is quite intense. So, the process might be harsher for fiberglass and vinyl liner pools. As a matter of fact, power washing damages vinyl liners in vinyl pools. Pressure washing is only recommended for concrete and plaster pools. Below is a detailed procedure for power washing your pool.

  • Before power washing your pool, drain out all your pool water. Ensure that you know where you will keep the water. Pouring the water anywhere can create environmental hazards. If you pour it around your surrounding environment, it could degrade the environment. Remember, pool water contains chemicals. Thus, it can pollute the soil.
  • After emptying the pool, get rid of all dirt and dirt particles. You can do this by sweeping or brushing the pool surface softly.
  • Then, prepare the power cleaner by making the pool’s surface slightly wet.
  • Start cleaning by applying the detergent on all pool surfaces. Afterward, rinse the pool surfaces until they are clean.

It is always good to start cleaning the pool sides before the bottom surface. This way, you can ensure thorough cleaning. In case your pool contains algae stains, ask your pool service tech to advise you on the best chemicals for eliminating the algae.

Which Pressure Washer? #

There are many types of pressure washers that you can clean your pool. But electric and gas pressure washers work well with most pools. You can always consult your manufacturer before purchasing a pressure washer. They know what works best with your pools. So, they can suggest the most suitable option within your budget.

Conclusion #

An effective way of cleaning your gunite pool is through an effective power wash. Using a strong pressure washer to clean your pool gets rid of all dirt particles. Also, it prevents common pool problems like the accumulation of algae. All you have to do is to follow all the detailed steps of using a pressure washer. So, maintain a clean gunite pool by incorporating an effective power wash. Even so, note that this technique only advisable for concrete and plaster pools. Do not pressure wash a fiberglass or vinyl pool. If you do, you make to prone to damage.

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