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Can I Make My Swimming Pool Bigger?

Due to various reasons, you might want to expand your pool. Making your pool bigger consumes a lot of time, effort, and costs. There’s little difference between increasing your pool and constructing a new pool. A lot of modifications are usually made when making your swimming pool bigger. Even so, enlarging your pool is doable, but only with the right pool builder and materials. Furthermore, the costs of enlarging your pool depend on what you want. Let’s look at some factors that will help you know if your pool can get enlarged.

Can I Make My Pool Bigger?
Can I make my swimming pool bigger? You can always make your pool bigger at any given time. It could be because you want to enhance your home’s aesthetics or want your pool cover to fit.

Identify the type of your pool #

First, the material used to construct your pool matters. Currently, pools have a vinyl liner, fiberglass, and concrete materials. Concrete pools are famous for their high versatility. As a result, they can curve into almost any shape. On the flip side, fiberglass is flexible, but not as concrete. Pool contractors usually transport fiberglass pools to the construction site using large trucks. So, at times, a large fiberglass pool cannot fit in these trucks. Thus, fiberglass pools have limitations and cannot always expand.

Concrete pools, on the contrary, offer different pool shapes. They are expensive upon purchase due to their durable and flexible nature. If you desire to enlarge your concrete pool, prepare to spend thousands of dollars.

Why do pool owners enlarge their pools? #

Occasionally, pool owners may want to expand their pool size to accommodate a different pool shape. For instance, if you have a curved pool and change it into a rectangular pool. You might need to enlarge various sections of the pool. This way, your automatic pool cover will be able to fit easily. You can also expand your pool to improve the aesthetics of your backyard.

Do I need to alter my plumbing system? #

After making your swimming pool bigger, there are some alterations you might need to make. You will have to change your plumbing and filtration systems. Remember, your pool is now bigger and holds a lot of water. Thus, consider installing more efficient pool pumps and filters to cleanse the whole pool. Also, it is best to put in place any extra drainage needed by the big pool. Consult your pool contractor on the right pool pumps to use.

The bottom line #

You can always make your swimming pool bigger at any given time. It could be because you want to enhance your home’s aesthetics or want your pool cover to fit. Whatever the reason, hire a dependable pool contractor that will enlarge the pool. Also, hire a pool builder to fix the plumbing systems correctly. But first, determine your pool type and identify its maximum size. Nonetheless, with concrete pools, you are always assured you can change your pool into any size.

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