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Can Gunite Pools Leak?

Typically, a combination of water, cement, and sand spritzed over a robust steel framework is what makes a gunite pool. By nature, the material gunite is permeable. Thus, during the construction of gunite pools, there has to be a plastering finish over the gunite. Finishing of gunite pools can incorporate a wide range of materials, but the end goal is to prevent leaks. As a result, if the finishing isn’t done well, gunite pools can experience leakage. Also, with time, the finishing material loses its firmness and might require revamping. For instance, if the plaster is the finishing material, it will wear out after some years and might need replastering. Otherwise, gunite pools will be vulnerable to significant cracks and hollowing. Diagnosing a pool leak and exactly where it is located is the first step. Once you find a pool leak there are several ways to repair it. Repairing a leak in a gunite pool will depend on the type of repair needed and the intensity of the damage.

Can Gunite Pools Leak?
Can gunite pools leak? Gunite pools will be vulnerable to significant cracks and hollowing. There are several ways to repair gunite pool leaks.

Repairing gunite pools leak using products designed for underwater surfaces #

Underwater Repair Adhesive #

Underwater repair adhesive is a robust bond that offers durable crack repairs. The bond comes in a grey or off-white color. It provides an even and neat finishing for the crack. Thus, it is the best alternative for fixing visible cracks. So, the adhesive is suitable for commercial pools. Swimmers barely notice there was an existing crack on the pool surface when pool owners use this adhesive to repair the cracks

AquaFlex Underwater Sealant #

The majority of pool owners love this sealant as it comes in a clear and white color. Thus, it can fix different pool types designed in various colors. Pool service techs can use the aquaflex underwater sealant on the bottom surfaces and sidewalls. Additionally, AquaFlex underwater sealant can repair all the pool surfaces beneath the pool. The sealant offers a robust, versatile, seal with a much breadth. Consequently, it provides efficient repair for major leaks.

Repairing gunite pools using products for dry applications #

S-Stitch product #

S-stitch is useful for repairing cracks in gunite pools. Although less bulky, this product is robust. Pool service technicians use the repaired product to fix pools with shallower channels of half an inch wide. This concrete repair product accommodates cracks that need robust fixing. Also, it can fix both the interior and exterior surfaces of pools.

Summary #

Over the years, gunite pools have become vulnerable to wear and tear and may form cracks. Consequently, gunite pools leak if the cracks are intense. But if such a case happens, there is no need for pool owners to worry. There are many techniques used to fix gunite pools leak. All you need to do is get in touch with reliable pool service technicians. They will provide a long term solution for the problem.

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