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Are Vinyl Pools Cheaper than Fiberglass Pools?

You’ve decided you want a pool behind your backyard. So, what next? Today, there is a broad spectrum of pool types. Depending on your budget, it is best to settle on the kind of pool that meets all your requirements. The majority of homeowners either go for vinyl pools or fiberglass pools. But it would be good to weigh the overall costs of constructing, installing, and maintaining both pools to go for the best alternative. In this article, we offer some insight into the prices of both pools.

Are vinyl pools cheaper than fiberglass pools?
Are vinyl pools cheaper than fiberglass pools? The majority of homeowners either go for vinyl pools or fiberglass pools. But it would be good to weigh the overall costs of constructing, installing, and maintaining both pools.

Cost of maintaining Vinyl Liner Pools #

Typically, vinyl pools incur much more maintenance costs than fiberglass pools. Note that the liners are vulnerable to wear and tear from filters and any other sharp objects in the pool. Moreover, they need replacement every five to ten years. Even so, it depends on how you take care of the pool. Some vinyl pools need replacement earlier.

Cost of maintaining Fiberglass Pools #

On the flip side, maintenance costs of fiberglass pools are not something to worry about. After installation, you will do the bare minimum to ensure the pool is in good shape. But ensure you handle the pool as per the instruction manual from your manufacturer.

Nonetheless, homeowners ought to ensure the pool has the right water table and chlorine levels all year round. This way, they will avoid frequent revamping procedures and maintenance costs.

How much does it cost to Install a Fiberglass Pool #

Often, fiberglass pool builders include installation and manufacturing costs in the invoice. Additionally, if you want them to add water features like jets and spas, you will incur extra charges. Fiberglass pools are always ready upon delivery. So, you might choose to install the pool yourself. However, there are some dangers attached to this process, especially if you are not a pool expert. Besides, you will also incur some costs.

Therefore, you would instead save your effort and hire professional pool contractors to do the installation. As a matter of fact, this will be much more cost-saving. You would spend about 30,000-70,000 dollars on installing a fiberglass pool. Of course, the price varies depending on extra water features, location of the pool, pool shell technology, and the size of the pool. The cost also depends on the standard of materials your contractor uses to manufacture the pool.

Vinyl Liner Pool Installation costs #

On the other hand, a vinyl pool is less costly to manufacture and install compared to other fiberglass pools. These pools incorporate a cost of about $10,000 less than fiberglass pools. Additionally, pool owners can install the pools themselves and save on costs. Even so, it is quite a hustle to do this, and if not installed properly, there could be severe repercussions.

Furthermore, in vinyl pools, there are extra costs involved in laying the pool’s foundation. So, prices vary depending on the type of landscape. Therefore, it would be best if you would hire a dependable pool contractor to conduct this process.

Ultimately, it is always good to identify the long-term benefits of both pools. Afterward, see what works best for you based on your budget.

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