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Are Pools High Maintenance?

Adding a pool to your property is a great way to transform your outdoor living space into a luxurious resort. However, the pools high maintenance costs can be overwhelming. In fact, you might end up spending thousands of dollars on pool repairs. Minimizing these costs entail taking good care of your pool.

Are Pools High Maintenance?

What is the average cost of pool maintenance? #

The cost of maintaining a pool varies depending on the type of pool. Typically, concrete and vinyl liner pools incur the highest maintenance costs. But, on average, maintaining a pool takes approximately $1,200 to $1,800 annually. All these costs cater to almost all pool chemicals and maintaining the proper pH of the water.

Pools high maintenance costs vary based on your geographical area #

Pools high maintenance costs also vary depending on the location of your pool. Regions experiencing freezing conditions incur higher pool maintenance costs. A real-life example is based on a past survey. Pool owners based in Portland, Oregon, incur average monthly costs of about $250. On the other hand, pool owners located in Jacksonville incur average costs of approximately $172 monthly.

Main factors that contribute to pools high maintenance costs #

Some of the factors that influence pools high maintenance costs include:

Equipment #

Once you become a pool owner, you’ll have to buy various equipment like skimmers, cleaners, pumps, and filters. In some states, pool covers are mandatory, and you’ll have to buy them. Pool filters can cost you $20 to $100. Pool covers cost approximately $500. The price of each of these equipment varies depending on the brand.

Chemicals #

Pool chemicals cost about $10 to $50 depending on the quantity. Some of the pool chemicals you require include Chlorine, Muriatic acid, and soda ash.

Electricity #

The electricity costs attached to pools can also be overwhelming. Remember, pools use electrical filters, pumps, and covers. So, you’ll have to incur extra electrical costs.

Pool repairs #

Regular pool repairs cost about $350 to $500. Nonetheless, this depends on the type of pool and the complexity of the repair work needed. For example, replacing a vinyl pool liner can cost you approximately $4,000. At times pool owners can end up spending thousands of dollars in conducting major pool repairs. Some major pool repairs include changing the shape of your pool and expanding your pool. It is important to note that commercial pool repairs can cost considerably (thousands of dollars) more than residential repairs.

In summary #

Ultimately, pools high maintenance costs vary based on various factors. You are lucky if you stay in warmer regions. You will incur fewer charges compared to pool owners in colder areas. But it would be best if you overlook all these maintenance costs and turn your pool dreams into a reality. After all, a pool offers a wide variety of benefits for you and your family.

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