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Are Infinity Edge Pools More Expensive?

Infinity edge pools are visually attractive pools that create an illusion of a never-ending pool. These pools give properties a beach-like feel and improve their aesthetics. One of the main reasons why pool owners build these pools is to enhance the beauty of the surrounding environment. Vanishing edge pools are mostly found in first-class pools and resorts.

Are Infinity Edge Pools More Expensive?
Are infinity edge pools more expensive? If you are thinking of installing such a pool, it is essential to compare their costs with regular pools. The pools are unique and differ in price.

If you are thinking of installing such a pool, it is essential to compare their costs with regular pools. In this article, we will help you compare the costs of infinity edge pools with standard pool costs.

The costs of vanishing edge pools #

It is important to note that infinity edge pools are unique and differ in price. Some of the factors that will affect the amount of negative edge pools include:

  • The pool’s size
  • The material used in the finishing process. Some of the materials used for finishing include tile, ceramic, and plaster.
  • Additional water features like jets, spas, waterfalls, scuppers, and gushers.
  • Type of pool lighting installed, if any.
  • The magnitude of the infinity edge
  • Filtration and pumping systems.

Standard pool costs vs. Infinity Pool costs #

Typically, a standard pool can cost approximately 35,000 – 50,000 dollars. On the flip side, infinity pool edges require 20% more than this price. Note that this only happens if pool builders install the invisible boundary on one side of the pool. Of course, if the invisible barrier gets positioned on more than one side of the pool, the costs go up.

Additionally, small infinity edge pools incur an extra cost of constructing a collector tank. This is because they do not support the bather load and displacement.

With infinity pools, the exterior surface incorporates a unique material. Thus, homeowners will have to incur more on this. Infinity edge pools allow users to see the material on the overflow wall. Therefore, it is advisable to use a stylish and first-class material for this.

Pool Maintenance of vanishing edge pools #

Compared to standard pools, infinity edge pools need additional maintenance procedures as well as costs. But why? Vanishing edge pools take in a lot of pool chemicals due to the high water loss rate. Also, it is challenging to keep a constant water table since it is hard to see the water level go down visually. You should thus employ pool service technicians who ensure there are right water levels in the pool and the surge sections. Moreover, the infinity-edge pool requires distinct pumps and filtration systems.

Undoubtedly, infinity edge pools are more expensive compared to other regular pool types. They incorporate higher installation and upkeep costs. Thus, if you plan on installing such pools, be ready to spend 20% more than a regular pool.

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