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Are Gunite Pools the Best?

In this present age and time, you can install a variety of pools to add a whole new charm to your backyard. Some of these pools include a vinyl liner, fiberglass, and concrete pools. Currently, the popularity of gunite pools is on the rise among the majority of homeowners. These pools are well known due to their high adaptability and durability. Although they may be costly compared to other pools, they offer value for money. So, does this conclude that the gunite pool is the best?

Are Gunite Pools the Best?

What is a gunite pool? #

First, let’s understand what gunite pools are. Typically, gunite is an integration of sand, water, and cement. However, water is usually blended into the mixture using a high-pressure hose at the nozzle when constructing a gunite pool. This is what sets gunite apart from shotcrete. After curing, gunite forms a concrete and robust structure that can last for decades.

Advantages of gunite pools #

Massive return on investment #

The pools are popular among commercial pool owners. The reason for this is that they can get customized into almost any shape and size. So, pool experts usually recommend these pools if you want a custom pool. Most luxurious resorts incorporate gunite pools. They are able to accommodate a wide variety of water features. Thus, they attract many tourists and bring in a substantial return on investment. Also, the pools can last for decades. Therefore, they offer a significant return on investment.

Gunite pools are robust #

Most pool builders offer valid warranties with these type of pools. If you desire a pool with high longevity, a gunite pool is your best alternative. They incorporate a robust foundation. Consequently, this protects the pool from underground and external forces.

Highly customizable #

The pools offer high adaptability. Thus, you can construct the pools that complement your exact requirements. Additionally, the pools are ideal for creating freeform pools.

Cons of gunite pools #

High maintenance costs #

Gunite pools incur high maintenance costs. Often, you have to resurface these pools since the floor of a gunite pool is relatively rough. The pool chemicals you’ll have to use are also expensive for these pools.

Prolonged construction period #

These pools take more extended construction periods. During construction, the gunite takes over a month to cure. So, the whole construction process can take approximately two to three months.

In summary #

From this article, it is evident to see that gunite pools offer value for money. Even though they are relatively pricey, they offer high versatility and durability. But get prepared for the massive maintenance costs that come with these pools. Ultimately, if you wish to create a custom pool, a gunite pool is a good alternative.

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