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Are Cracks In Pool Plaster Normal?

Unquestionably, a pool is a fantastic source of entertainment and relaxation. However, after years of use, pools become prone to damage. One of the issues that pool owners fret about is cracks in pool plaster. Usually, pool cracks can cause leakage in your pool. As a result, they require immediate repair. Also, note that there are different types of cracks. Minor cracks won’t cost you as much and take a short time to repair. Nonetheless, if you experience such an issue, ensure you fix it immediately.

Are Cracks In Pool Plaster Normal?

What are the types of cracks in pool plaster? #

Typically, two types of cracks occur in plaster. The first one is a structural crack, and the other is a surface crack. Surface cracks are mild and do not penetrate deep into the surface. On the flip side, structural cracks can extend to the foundation of the pool. Thus, such cracks can cause leaks. Fortunately, both issues can get repaired by an expert pool service technician. So, don’t get worked up about the issue. Furthermore, it takes a relatively short time to fix cracks in pool plaster.

The leading causes of pool surface cracks #

In most instances, pool surface cracks occur in almost every pool. Often, they occur on the pool steps and any other surface of the pool. Several reasons cause cracks in pool plaster. They include:

When plaster gets wet, then it should, it can develop cracks. During construction, don’t fill the water after the immediate application of plaster. Wait for at least six hours.

In case the plaster gets too hot during application, it can develop cracks. So, always consult your pool contractor on the correct time to apply plaster during construction. Moreover, during the plaster application, your pool contractor should choose a cool day to do so. Otherwise, the plaster gets too hot and becomes prone to cracks.

If the underground material beneath the plaster expands, there could be a plaster crack.

How should I fix cracks in pool plaster? #

When fixing a plaster crack in your pool, your contractor will have to drain out all the water from the pool. Afterward, they can fix the crack. If there are any loose particles around the crack, ensure you make them smooth.

Conclusion #

Pool cracks in plaster are a common issue among homeowners. Fortunately, the issue can easily get solved. All you have to do is hire an expert pool service technician who can fix the issue immediately. The minute you delay crack repairs, you worsen the crack. Also, cracks in plaster should not make you cringe. At times, the issue is not that serious, especially if you have a surface crack. Ultimately, when you identify a crack, contact your pool contractor right away.

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