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Are beach entry pools more expensive?

A beach entry or zero entry pool is one of the most highly requested pool features that pool contractors are asked to build. Typically found in more high-end pools, zero entries were normally reserved for gunite pools. In recent years, we are seeing more and more fiberglass pools with a zero entry. While you might think that this is an outrageously extravagant pool feature only reserved for high end luxury pools, you’d be wrong. More pool builders are incorporating resort style pool features like zero entries into the design of their swimming pool and they’ve become almost common place in recent years.

Perfect example of a beach entry fiberglass pool by Thursday Pools
Perfect example of a beach entry fiberglass pool by Thursday Pools

How much does a beach entry usually cost? #

A zero entry will typically increase the total cost of your inground pool 15-20%. As a rule of thumb when pricing a beach entry, you can expect to pay $5,000 – $10,000 extra for this high end feature. Beach entries can also be equipped with a tanning ledge or cabo ledge. Adding a zero entry will put your swimming pool on the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

Adding a beach entry to a fiberglass pool #

Currently, there are only a handful of options available for zero entry fiberglass pools. It’s one of the drawbacks of owning a fiberglass pool. You’re limited to the options supplied by demand for this item. Thursday Pool, San Juan, and River Pools all make viable options for pool buyers that want a beach entry fiberglass pool.

Conclusion on Zero Entry Pools #

Although a zero entry or beach entry is a high end feature, it’s not out of reach for the average home owner to add one as a feature to their swimming pool. Zero entries are popular for a number of reasons. They make getting in and out of the pool easier and more accessible for the elderly as well as people with disabilities. A zero entry is an extravagance not to be overlooked when planning your pool budget. Zero entry pools are enormously popular in resorts and commercial pools. High end luxury homes normally opt for a beach entry with a tanning ledge they are an eye popping feature.

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