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Pool Construction Made Easier in New York

Swimming pools are spectacular features that provide excellent functionality and aesthetics. Nonetheless, pools cost thousands of dollars. So, it is essential to hire a reputable pool construction company to make your pool dreams come true. At, we match you with the best pool builders in New York who deliver quality installation.

Pool Construction Made Easier in New York

Working with the best pool construction company in New York

Undoubtedly, swimming pools are expensive investments. Before installing these features in your yard, you have to put several aspects into consideration. Here at, we direct you to the best pool experts who take you through everything you need to consider before they begin constructing your pool. Some of the things your pool professional will discuss with you during your consultations include:

The pool size:

Upon your first consultation, the professional pool contractors will pay attention to all your needs. Then, they’ll suggest the best pool sizes that complement your budget and requirements. There is a wide range of pool sizes; the smaller the pool size, the less the construction costs. More often than not, the primary purpose of your pool will determine your preferred pool size. For example, lap pools have to be deeper since they are usually built for competition purposes. On the flip side, geometric pools for small families incorporate standard sizes. Today, you can customize your pool to any size. All you need to do is talk to the experienced pool experts.

The pool design:

One of the essential steps of pool construction is coming up with the pool design. Your pool design often depends on your requirements. Typically, your pool design should boost your property’s aesthetics and deliver excellent functionality. Before suggesting any pool design, the pool experts will take time to listen to what you have in mind. Then, they recommend the best 3D pool designs that cater to all your needs. Note that commercial pools often have a more complex pool design compared to residential pools.

The location of the swimming pool:

The location of your swimming pool matters. Your pool needs to be near your house. This way, it will be much easier to maintain and use the pool. Unquestionably, you don’t want to walk for long distances just to reach your pool. Once we connect you to the pool professionals, they will visit your property. From there, they’ll advise you on the best place to install the pool. The location of the swimming pool should also be able to accommodate your preferred pool design. Moreover, it should be free from inground obstacles like electrical cables and telephone wires.

The pool type:

The professionals are always willing to help you select the best pool type. Currently, there are three main types of pools; vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. Each pool type offers unique functionality. If you are not sure of the pool type to install, the pool contractors are here to help you. First, they will explain all the pros and cons of each pool type. Then, they’ll advise you on the best pool type that caters to your budget and needs. For example, a concrete pool offers the highest durability; however, they are the most expensive. On the flip side, vinyl pools are the cheapest but incorporate high lifetime costs.

Pool construction guidelines:

The pool professionals will take you through the state construction guidelines on your first or second consultation. When constructing a swimming pool, you have to adhere to specific construction guidelines. These guidelines dictate your pool depth, size, and design. So, it is essential to read and understand all these guidelines before you begin with pool construction. The pool contractors make this easier for you since they give you a summary of all your state construction guidelines. This way, you won’t have to spend hours trying to read and understand these guidelines. Furthermore, the pool contractors always build quality pools that adhere to the respective state guidelines. So, you don’t have to worry about huge penalties and fines in the long run.

Experts in building all pool types in New York

At, we pair you with highly experienced pool contractors. The pool builders can build vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass pools. In addition, they are highly trained in concrete application; hence, they deliver quality pool construction.

Best Vinyl pool builders in New York

Currently, the most popular pool is vinyl. Vinyl liner pools are the cheapest and are relatively simpler to install. These pools are versatile and still offer good functionality. However, they require liner replacement every four to seven years. So, although they have low initial costs, they incorporate high maintenance costs. Here at, we match you with the best vinyl pool builder who can bring all your pool dreams to reality.

Most reputable Fiberglass pool contractors in New York

Fiberglass pools are increasingly becoming popular among most individuals. They are characterized by their low initial and maintenance costs. Fiberglass pools also have a short construction period; you can install these pools in less than two weeks. We,, we’ll pair you with the best fiberglass pool construction professionals who can make all your pool dreams come to life. Keep in mind that constructing a fiberglass pool requires a lot of expertise and skill. Therefore, you are better off if you hire the best pool builders.

Concrete pool professionals

Indisputably, concrete swimming pools incorporate a complicated construction process. As a result, you cannot afford to hire just any contractor. At, we link you up with the best pool builders in New York. They are highly experienced at building concrete pools. Thus, they can bring all your pool dreams to life. There are two major types of concrete pools; gunite and shotcrete. The pool builders know how to construct each pool type.

Quality pool decking services in New York

Your pool deck significantly contributes to the aesthetics of your property. There is a broad spectrum of pool deck materials you can use for your pool. Some include stone, concrete, and tile. The pool professionals at recommend the best pool deck materials that cater to your requirements. Also, they deliver quality installation to ensure your pool deck lasts for a long time.

Affordable swimming pool construction in New York

Here at, we hook you up with the most affordable pool builders in New York. We understand that pool construction can take a toll on your budget. One of the best things about working with professional pool contractors is that they stick to your budget. Unlike most pool builders, they don’t include any additional costs during construction without your consent. Additionally, the pool experts can connect you with the best and most affordable pool lenders in New York. Fortunately, there are many pool financing options that cater to a wide range of requirements.

Nonetheless, note that construction costs vary depending on various factors. Some of these factors include the pool size, type, and design. Generally, larger pools are expensive and cost approximately $40,000 or more. On the flip side, smaller pools are cheaper and cost about $20,000 to $30,000. If you wish to incorporate additional water features, add an extra 10% of the total pool construction costs.

Pool Construction Made Easier in New York

We guarantee 100% pool safety

Although swimming pools are excellent sources of entertainment and fun, they can be dangerous. For example, chlorine used in pools can lead to skin and eye irritation.  All swimming pools should observe all safety guidelines as directed by the state. When constructing pools, the experts will construct a fence that encompasses the swimming pool. They also put up durable automatic pool covers to protect children and pets from falling into the pool accidentally. After constructing your pool, they also advise you on how to handle emergency cases.

Expert Pool Contractors Offer a Full Range of Construction Options and Services

At, we connect you to the best full-service pool contractors who walk with you throughout the entire construction process. The professional pool builders are highly experienced in pool excavation, plumbing, deck installation, among other processes involved in pool construction. You can rest assured that we deliver quality installation.

Frequently asked pool construction questions in New York

How long does it take to build my swimming pool?

The time it takes to construct a pool often depends on the type of pool. Concrete pools incorporate the longest construction period. Building a concrete pool takes approximately one to two months. On the other hand, fiberglass pools have the shortest installation period. Installing a fiberglass pool takes approximately 7 to 14 days. Vinyl liner installation takes about two weeks.

How close to a house can a pool be?

Your swimming pool should be close to your house. However, don’t construct it too close to your home. It should be approximately 10 feet away from the house.


If you are looking for a reliable pool contractor to handle your pool project, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll connect you with the best pool construction experts in New York.

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