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Philadelphia Vinyl Liner Pool Construction

For many years, vinyl liner pools have been a popular swimming pool option among most homeowners. These pools offer a wide array of benefits and are budget-friendly. Even so, vinyl liner pools also have several disadvantages. One of the main drawbacks of vinyl pools is the wearing out of the liner. Over time, vinyl liners tend to wear out; hence they require replacement. Other than that, vinyl pools are great sources of entertainment, enjoyment, and relaxation. Nevertheless, it is essential to hire a reputable company to handle your vinyl liner pool construction project. Here at, we match you with the best pool builders in Philadelphia who add a new charm to your outdoor space.

Philadelphia Vinyl Liner Pool Construction

The Philadelphia pool professionals will take you through the various processes before and during pool construction. Therefore, you can count on them to take you through the entire vinyl liner pool construction process. With them, you’ll never feel left out during pool construction. Basically, the pool contractors take you through the below processes during vinyl pool construction.

The vinyl liner pool construction process:

Vinyl liner pools are not as versatile as concrete pools. However, you can still create breathtaking pool designs from vinyl. Once we connect you to the pool experts, they’ll take you through the pool design process. First, they’ll take time to listen to all your pool needs. Then, they will visit your property. From there, they come up with twenty-first-century 3D pool designs that complement your backyard, budget, and requirements. Also, the vinyl pool builders will walk you through the best pool features in Philadelphia. At this stage, you’ll also choose your preferred pool size and color.

The zoning process:

Every state has several guidelines regarding pool construction. So, when carrying out a vinyl liner pool construction, you have to make sure it’s compliant with all the Pennsylvania construction guidelines. The pool experts are familiar with all pool construction guidelines. As a result, they’ll construct a vinyl pool that is compliant with all these zoning regulations. Additionally, the experts will also help you obtain a pool construction permit. This will save you a lot of time and effort. Obtaining a pool construction permit in Pennsylvania takes about two weeks. However, the time varies depending on various factors.

The pool construction time:

The pool experts will help you know the best time to construct your pool. More often than not, they will encourage you to construct your pool during off-peak seasons if you wish to save on costs. Typically, there is a low demand for pool services during winter, so the lower pool construction costs. Hiring the right pool contractor can help you save a lot of money.

The type of circulation system for your pool:

Before constructing your pool, Philadelphia pool contractors will help you select the best circulatory system for your pool. Nowadays, there is a wide range of pool circulation systems. Some include saltwater systems, UV systems, and Ozone systems. Each of these systems offers unique advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is crucial to select a circulation system that matches your requirements. Remember, your circulation system will determine the cleanliness of your pool.

Build your vinyl pool liner with the best Philadelphia pool experts

Vinyl liner pool construction requires you to follow a certain procedure. Luckily, the pool professionals are always willing to walk with you through the entire process. They incorporate an efficient communication system that keeps you updated on the progress of your project. Also, they keep in touch even after the vinyl pool is complete. Below are some of the functions of Philadelphia pool builders when it comes to constructing your vinyl liner pool.

Vinyl pool excavation:

Once you hire Philadelphia pool experts, they will begin by excavating the pool after the permits are ready. The pool contractors usually dig the pool based on your pool design and shape. Pool excavation takes approximately 2 to 3 days.

Wall Installation:

The next thing the pool contractors will do is to install the wall. A vinyl pool wall structure is often a set of panels and galvanized steel specifically designed to create the pool’s perimeter. Philadelphia pool experts will take about a day to complete the wall installation.

Pool plumbing:

After installing the wall, Philadelphia pool experts will proceed with plumbing. They are highly trained and experienced in pool electrics. Thus, they deliver quality plumbing jobs. Install all the wires and gas lines connected to all pool equipment. They do this carefully to boost the durability of your pool equipment. Unlike most pool companies, we do not outsource pool electricians. Philadelphia pool experts are extensively trained to conduct safe pool plumbing.

Pouring the Collar:

After completing the pool plumbing, the pool contractors will pour the collar. The collar is essential for making the pool foundation more robust. The pool experts do not take long to complete this process. They will need about six hours.

Pouring the Bottom:

During this stage, the experts use a layer of grout ready mix strengthened by wire mesh to complete the bottom of the pool. Doing this increases the strength, stability, and longevity of the pool. This process doesn’t take long; the pool professionals will need approximately half a day to complete pouring the bottom.

Backfilling and Grading:

Then, dirt gets backfilled up to the wall of the pool structure. The excessive dirt around the pool is made a part of the landscape using a particular rough grade. Also, at this stage, the pool experts make all the necessary changes in your drainage system of the yard.

Settling and Electrical Installation:

Afterward, the pool experts will complete all electrical work in the pool. They are highly experienced in electric installation, especially in pools. Thus, you need not worry about your safety. Although the contractors do their best to complete this process as soon as possible, you will need approximately three weeks for electrical installation to be complete.

Deck Forming:

Like any other pool type, vinyl pools need decking around the area. The pool professionals use high-quality deck materials like tile and aggregate. Even so, the type of decking material used to complete your pool is highly determined by your budget. Additionally, the pool contractors ensure that your pool deck matches the pool.

Liner Installation and Finish:

The last step is to install the liner and finish the pool. Before installing the liner, the pool professionals will clean and prepare the pool surfaces. Then a custom vinyl liner is put in place. These pool professionals use high-quality, thick liners that offer maximum durability. They also install any additional accessories. Afterward, they fill the pool with water and conduct a test run. This phase usually takes about four to five days. At this stage, they also use the right chemicals to ensure you have balanced water chemistry. The pool professionals are always courteous enough to advise you on the best vinyl pool maintenance tips.

Philadelphia Vinyl Liner Pool Construction

Questions to ask your vinyl pool contractor before construction

How much does a vinyl liner cost in Philadelphia?

Never forget to ask this question. Pool professionals are always willing and ready to answer this question. Generally, vinyl liner pools are more affordable compared to other pool types. They cost approximately $45,000–$65,000. This price varies depending on the pool size, design, and additional water features. Of course, the bigger the pool, the more you’ll pay. One of the main advantages of working with our pool builder experts is that they’ll stick to your budget.

How long does vinyl liner pool construction take in Houston?

It takes approximately two to three weeks to install a vinyl liner pool. This time varies based on different factors. We,, have the best pool contractors in Philadelphia who take a short time to complete your vinyl pool. Furthermore, they ensure they complete your pool before the specified deadline.

Do I need to replace my liner frequently?

Normally, vinyl pools need liner replacement after every four to seven years. Nonetheless, note that taking good care of your liner extends its durability. Liners are delicate; hence, they need extra care. The best pool contractors in Philadelphia use high-quality thick liners that offer maximum durability. Besides, the pool experts will always advise you on the best ways to prolong the lifespan of your liner.

Are there any extra costs involved?

First, you have to ask your pool contractor whether they’ll add any extra costs during construction. The pool professionals in Philadelphia ensure they stick to your budget. They give you the final quotation even before they start constructing the pool. Also, they won’t include any additional costs without your consent. Subsequently, you can always count on the pool contractors to bring all your pool dreams to life while sticking to your budget. The best thing about working with them is that they can work with any budget. So, if you have a small budget, they have got you covered.

Hire the best vinyl liner pool builders in Philadelphia!

Vinyl liner pool construction requires a lot of expertise. Therefore, it is important to hire reliable pool builders. If you are in Philadelphia, do not hesitate to contact us.

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