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Online CPO® Courses Are Now Available

Online CPO Courses Now Available

The global pandemic has brought many hardships to our country. But, the one thing it did bring for the pool industry was an influx of various online certification training that was not available prior to March 2020. Online CPO Courses are now avialble. Organizations like Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA)®  had to quickly transition the Certified Pool Operator (CPO)® Course and test to an online platform. This means the course is available as a 100% online pool operator certification and can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Information About Online CPO Courses

Pool companies should take full advantage that the pool industry has been deemed as an essential service during the shelter in place orders mandated in most states. Since revenue streams have not ceased but the ease of online training has increased the hope is that they take advantage of the transition to an online format.

The online format will save pool professionals crucial time so that they can put more time back into running their business while still benefiting from continuing their education. The online CPO® course offers professional training that teaches functionality, application and best practices. The lessons within the course contain the content required by governmental agencies, insurance companies and property managers for certification of pool maintenance operation personnel.

Ready to learn the pool service industry? Register for online certified pool operator courses now.
Instructor Lauren Broom teaching one of her students water chemistry pool side.

The format of the course can be the full 2-day course taught through an online platform and an online test.

The second option is the course is taught as the Pool Operator Fusion®, which is a combination of an 8 hour online self-paced course and a live 5-hour online review session taught through an online platform by a certified PHTA® Instructor like myself. The Fusion option also includes the test to be taken online. This Fusion Option gives the student more flexibility because it allows them to do their E-learning at their own pace.

What is a CPO®?

A CPO or Certified Pool Operator is capable of servicing a pool or spa. They have taken the required courses that will have prepared a pool service professional on the basic knowledge, skills, and techniques in pool, spa, and hot tub operations. A CPO (Certified Pool Operator) has a working knowledge of water chemistry, testing techniques, and general pool maintenance and equipment knowledge. Online CPO Courses enable you to receive this vital training at a distance during this difficult time.
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Where is CPO Certification Required?

States where CPO Certification is required

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Why earn a CPO®?

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CPO® Course Information

  • The CPO® certification program requires participation in either a two-day class (14-16 hours) taught by a certified instructor or the blended format that combines the online Pool Operator Primer™ and one day of the Pool Operator Fusion™ class of instruction
  • The CPO® certification program includes pool and spa chemistry, testing, treatment, filtration, maintenance, automatic feeding equipment, and government requirements
  • The CPO® certification program requires an open book written examination
  • The CPO® certification is valid for five years

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Take an Online Course and learn to become a Certified Pool Operator (CPO)® 

Space Coast Pool School offers this online version of the Certified Pool Operator (CPO)® Course through PHTA®.  The  instructor who teaches the live review class via an online platform is Lauren Broom. The schedule of courses is available on the website A pool company does have the option to contact Space Coast about a private online CPO® course.  Another course available on the website is the Residential Advanced Water Chemistry Mini-Course 3 hours.

This course is the first course in a series of courses to be provided online for residential pool service companies at a lower price and it is a shorter course time. The course will cover Advanced Water Chemistry, Proper Pool Testing Techniques, Pool Test Kit Interferences, and Algae Prevention. There should no reason why a pool operator cannot obtain their required certification or other education due to the ease and convenience of the online courses. Register today and don’t let isolation due to COVID-19 stop you from continuing your education.

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Interested in Online CPO Courses? Contact Space Coast Pool School today.

Lauren Broom, B.S., R.S.
PHTA CPO Instructor
Space Coast Pool School, LLC

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