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Swimming pools are undoubtedly worthwhile investments. Even so, these spectacular features tend to depreciate with time. Pools often wear and tear after several years of use. So, does this mean you have to replace the pool with a new one? Well, not really. You can use several techniques to upgrade the pool and make it look newer. However, it would be best to hire a pool remodeling professional if you want to modernize your pool. We, poolcontractor.com, pair you up with the best pool remodeling experts who can transform your backyard space into a high-end holiday destination. They have a wide range of experience in conducting pool renovation. In this article, let’s take a look at how these reputable Columbus pool experts can transform your outdoor space.

Modernize Your Pool in Columbus, Ohio

Tile replacement in your inground pool

Does your pool look dull? Maybe it’s time to change your pool tiles. Your pool tiles significantly affect the aesthetics of your pool. Worn-out tiles will therefore make your pool appear duller. So, always take the initiative of replacing your pool tiles after a certain period. Not to mention, pool tiles also become outdated with time. Think about it. The pool tiles you installed ten years ago are incomparable to twenty-first-century pool tile designs. If your pool looks dull, consider replacing your pool tiles with a more modern design.

Here at poolcontractor.com, we match you with the best remodeling experts who walk with you during the entire tile replacement process. During your first appointment with them, they are keen enough to listen to all your requirements. Also, they take time to address all your queries, fears and doubts. Then, they suggest the best pool tiles that complement the pool and suit your budget. This way, it will be much easier for you to choose high-quality pool tiles. In most instances, they’ll take you through all the distinctive benefits and drawbacks of each pool tile.

Replace the pool coping

Another way to modernize your pool is to replace the coping. The coping is the edge structure that sits between the pool structure and the deck. This material is prone to wearing out after years of use. And it can make the pool appear less appealing. it would be best to replace the coping with new quality material. Some of the best coping materials you can use include concrete, marble, quartz, and flagstone. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to replace your pool coping. We connect you to the best pool experts in Columbus who focus on meeting all your requirements.

Replastering the pool surface

Old plaster surfaces make the pool look dull. Thus, consider replacing your plaster after every seven to ten years. Of course, this time varies based on the condition of the plaster. Fortunately, you can always replace the plaster with a different material. At poolcontractor.com, we match you with the best pool professionals who recommend the best pool resurfacing materials. Working with them helps you prolong the longevity of the pool. These pool contractors will always suggest the best materials that complement and modernize your pool.

Introducing mosaics to your pool

Incorporating a mosaic finish in your pool makes it more attractive. Pool mosaics are affordable and offer excellent aesthetics. They make the pool look more fun, hence attracting a large bather load capacity in commercial pools. The pool professionals you work with, will help you select the best pool mosaics that cater to your requirements. If possible, consider installing glass mosaics. This finish creates the most breathtaking view in your yard.

Adding water features to the pool

Water features modify your backyard space into an exceptional haven. Today, there is a wide range of water features. Each of them provides different functionality and aesthetics. More often than not, choosing water features to complement your pool is not a walk in the park. Fortunately, we match you with the best pool builders in Columbus, who help you select the most suitable water features for your pool. Note that the type of water features you choose for your pool often depends on your budget and needs. For example, if you want to keep your children occupied during summer, it would be best to consider installing a pool slide. Conversely, if you want to make the yard more appealing, consider adding fire features. At the end of the day, the water features you choose to depend on your requirements.

Reducing the depth of the pool

A deep pool may not be as functional as you may want it to be. So, you can upgrade its functionality by reducing the depth. Back in the day, pools incorporated a depth of 8 feet. And this only served advanced swimmers. Currently, modern pools have less depth.

Consequently, they offer a larger surface area for people to sit and relax by the pool. Additionally, they are easier to maintain since they have a smaller volume. Reducing the depth of your pool requires you to hire an expert. If you live in Columbus, you need not worry. Poolcontractor.com got you covered. We connect you with the best pool remodeling experts who help you reduce your pool depth.

Changing the pool’s water system

Unlike before, there are now various pool systems that can deliver maximum disinfection for your pool. You don’t have to use chlorine tablets to disinfect the pool. Chlorine is a strong chemical; thus, it can irritate the skin and the eyes. Consider using UV or Ozone systems to clean the pool. Also, saltwater systems deliver maximum sanitation in your pool. Every pool system carries unique functionality. We, poolcontractor.com, connect you to the most dependable pool professionals in Columbus who take you through the advantages and disadvantages of each pool system. This way, you’ll be able to choose the most suitable pool system that modernizes your pool.

Upgrade the pool heating system

If you have an outdated pool heater, consider replacing it. Old pool heaters can cost you thousands of dollars. This is because they don’t save on energy and can raise your electricity bill. Replace the pool heater with an advanced version if you want to heat the pool faster. Also, consider using an electric heat pump. It’ll help you save on energy. Here at poolcontractor.com, we pair you up with reliable pool builders who conduct quality heater replacement. They recommend the best pool heaters that cater to all your requirements and deliver quality installation.

Upgrade the pool pump

An old pool pump is not energy-saving. Thus, you may end up spending thousands of dollars on electricity. It would be best to replace the aging pool pump with a modern version. A majority of pool experts recommend using variable speed pumps. These pumps work faster and are energy-saving. Get a pool professional to replace the old pool pump. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for pool professionals to conduct heater replacement. We will match you with the best pool remodeling experts in Columbus who deliver quality installation.

Modernize Your Pool in Columbus, Ohio

Use automated pool features

If you want to modernize your pool, consider using automatic pool equipment. Automated pool equipment makes it easier for you to operate the pool. For example, if you are using an automatic pool cover, you can open and close it with the simple touch of a button. Currently, there is a wide range of automated pool equipment. You can also use an automatic cleaner to get rid of dirt from the pool. Typically, the pool should be user-friendly. We link you up with the best pool experts who advise you on the best automatic pool equipment to install.

Light up the pool

Another way to modernize your pool is to install quality lighting. Nowadays, there is a wide range of pool lighting. Some include fiber optic lighting, halogen lighting and LED lighting. The most recommended pool lights are LED lights; LED lights provide more durability and better functionality. Also, LED lights can modify your pool into a radiant oasis. Besides, pool lights increase swimming visibility. The pool contractors we match you with will always recommend the best pool lighting that complements the poo. Nevertheless, note that LED lights are more costly compared to other pool lighting.

Pool deck replacement

The deck often determines the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Therefore, always use high-quality materials for your pool deck. Additionally, hire reliable pool builders to install the pool deck for you. If you find it challenging to get a reputable pool expert, feel free to contact us. We connect you with the best pool builders in Columbus. They will suggest durable and high-quality pool decking materials. Also, they deliver quality pool deck replacement. You can count on them to make your pool dreams come true.

Modernize your pool and spa today!

Do you want to modernize your pool? Poolcontractor.com got you covered. We pair you up with the best pool remodeling experts in Columbus who focus on turning your pool dreams into reality. These pool builders can change an outdated pool into a twenty-first-century pool design. When you meet with them, they will advise you on the best renovation procedures they wish to conduct in your pool. Ultimately, they deliver quality pool remodeling services.

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