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Looking for help financing your pool project? PoolContractor.com is affiliated with a network of lenders, banks and credit unions offering pool loans with some of the most competitive and lowest rates in the industry. Want to find if you qualify for a pool loan? Get pre-approved before you apply.

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  • Rates as low as 4.99%.
  • Pool loans as high as $200,000.
  • Terms as long as 20 years.
  • Pool and outdoor living financing programs are available.

Do I Qualify For Pool Financing?

Most well qualified buyers with a credit score over 650 will qualify for financing. To determine whether or not you are pre-approved for a pool loan, without a hard credit check, visit our sister site FindPoolFinancing.com to do a soft credit check before you apply. A pool financing decision engine will determine the best financing partner based on your unique credit situation.

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What Rates Are Available For Pool Loans?

Rates are constantly changing with the market. While we make every effort to keep our website updated with the latest rates and terms, advertised rates may have gone up or down. Advertised rates as low as 4.99% are currently available for all well-qualified buyers with outstanding credit. Consumers with good credit may see higher rates, while consumers with fair credit scores may ultimately pass pre-approval status but ultimately not qualify for the loan amount or the advertised term.

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Can I Get Financing For Other Outdoor Improvements Other Than a Pool?

Our financing partners allow for pool loans as well as other outdoor living and backyard improvements. Depending on the nature of the project, you may ultimately qualify for hundreds of thousands in financing at one of the lowest terms you can find if you have impeccable credit. Consumers with great and good credit scores may also qualify for larger loan amounts at slightly higher rates.

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What is the Maximum Loan Amount I Can Get For a Pool?

The maximum loan amount you can currently get for a pool is $200,000. A swimming pool is an enormous investment and having easy access to pool financing helps alleviate the concern about how to pay for pool construction. Well qualified buyers with good credit can apply with confidence knowing that PoolContractor.com’s network of financing specialists can get them a pool loan at a low rate with a manageable sized monthly payment they can afford.

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