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Vinyl Liner Inground Pools

Today’s vinyl liner pools are engineered to deliver superior quality at a lower price point that appeals to homeowners. Vinyl liner pools are typically constructed using durable materials. These long lasting materials are resistant to weather, sun, water, and chemicals and can last decades if properly maintained.

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Beautiful vinyl liner inground pool with landscaping and flagstone pavers

Vinyl Liner Options Are As Nearly As Endless As Gunite Pools

premier pool liners core patterns - Doug's Pools
A sample swatch of the thousands of pool liner designs available for vinyl liner pools

Vinyl liner pools come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Many simple vinyl liner pool kits can be installed in as little as a few weeks. Larger, more complicated pool designs may take a bit longer to install but are far simpler and less costly than fiberglass or gunite pools.

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It’s easy to change the look of your pool just by changing the interior liner

Replacing A Vinyl Liner Is Cheap & Easy

It’s easy and cost efficient to replace a worn out or damaged vinyl liner. In 95% of cases, this is a same day procedure. This means you can leave for work in the morning and see a completely new liner installed in the evening when you get home. Whether your swimming pool is inground or above ground, vinyl makes it hassle-free to change up your look whenever you want to.

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A beautiful new vinyl liner installed the same day in a vinyl liner inground pool

Types of Vinyl Liner Inground Pools

Steel Wall Vinyl Liner Pool

Polymer Wall Vinyl Liner Pool

Vinyl Liner Design Patterns

2020 Pool Liner Costs | Inground & Above Ground Replacement Cost

Customization options don’t end with pool shapes, there are thousands of vinyl pool patterns to choose. Changing your vinyl liner will change the shade of the water and completely transform the look and feel of your pool.

How Are Vinyl Liner Pools Made?

Phase 1 – Excavating Pool Area

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Excavated hole waiting for the next phase in vinyl liner pool installation

Excavation for a vinyl liner pool typically involves digging a hole approximately three feet larger than the completed pool will be. Vertical braces are used to support individual wall panels that are then back filled.

Techniques tend to vary in various parts of the country. Some pool contractors will excavate the entire hole with the deep end. Others will do it in two phases and dig out just enough soil to install the perimeter wall panels first, then commencing excavation of the deep end.

Time frame: 1-2 days to complete

Phase 2: Build Wall Panels

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Steel walls assembled for vinyl liner inground pool

A vinyl liner pool’s walls are typically constructed from steel, plastic, or aluminum. The panels are then bolted together and secured with braces for additional support along with any additional seating or steps.

Typically the walls are around 42 inches high which is why many vinyl liner pools shallow end are usually that depth. If you are considering a salt water pool, we’d advise against steel or aluminum walls that could leach and rust. Over the life of the pool the structural integrity could weaken due to corrosion and your pool walls could collapse. Before the concrete footing can be poured the pool will undergo an inspection.

Time frame: 1-2 days to complete

Phase 3: Pour Concrete Footing

Seen here is a diagram of the quad-lock pool wall system with reinforced concrete footing

An 8-inch-deep concrete footing is normally poured around the outside perimeter of the structure. The solid concrete locks the wall panels in place and prevents them from shifting over time. A second inspection will happen after the concrete footing is poured.

Time frame: 1 day to complete

Phase 4: Plumbing Installation

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Demonstration of a vinyl liner pool plumbing installation

Your pool contractor will have a professional plumber do the “long plumb” from the equipment pad to the pool. A normal main trench has over a dozen or so pipes to carry water to and from the pool equipment to the pool.

Time frame: 1-2 days to complete

Phase 5: Installing The Pool Floor

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Workers installing a concrete pool floor in a vinyl liner inground pool

After the wall panels have been built and the plumbing has been run the entire hole is completely backfilled. It’s now time to install the pool floor.

The material that comprises the floor of the pool is a blend of vermiculite, cement, sand, or cement and water. It’s troweled smooth until all wrinkles or imperfections are removed.

Time frame: 1-2 days to complete

Phase 6: Installing The Vinyl Liner

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Photo of the completed vinyl liner installation

As we near the completion of our inground pool, now is the time your pool contractor will install a thick (23-30 mils) vinyl liner into the interior of the pool.

A “bead” at the top of the liner is inserted into a mounting track at the top of the wall panels and snapped into place. Workers will use a vacuum to remove the air behind the liner and completely remove any wrinkles.

Deep blue, vinyl liner pool, simple design, stair entry, with deck ...
This completed vinyl liner inground pool is ready to swim

The pool is then filled with water. As soon as there is enough water to hold the liner in place, workers will cut holes for skimmers, lights, return jets, and pool steps.

Faceplates are then installed to hold the liner in place. The completely finished pool is then topped off with water and then a proper pool startup to adjust the water chemistry occurs. The vinyl liner pool is now ready to swim and should enjoy many years of use if properly maintained.

Time frame: 1 Day