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How Do I Choose A Pool Contractor?

Are you planning to invigorate your backyard by installing a pool? Ensure you hire a reputable pool construction company. Think about it. Your pool contractor will break or make the pool project. Typically, he or she is responsible for nearly everything throughout the whole project. So, ensure they portray professionalism and excellent customer service during pool construction. But how do you settle for a reliable pool contractor? Well, before hiring a one, there are several aspects you have to consider.

How Do I Choose A Pool Contractor?

Factors to consider when choosing a pool contractor

Level of experience

Ensure that you know your pool contractor’s level of experience. Often, builders with extensive experience deliver quality jobs. Pool builders with a wide range of experience are familiar with many pool types and designs. Thus, you rest assured of quality. Even so, this does not mean that you should rule out pool builders with 3 to 5 years of experience. They could actually be well trained to conduct the project better. But for the sake of your peace of mind, you would instead go for an industry veteran.

Legal certification

Before hiring a pool contractor, it would help to check their certifications. A dependable builder should have a valid license and certificate issued by the state. A valid license proves that the pool  builder has undergone professional training. Additionally, in case of anything, your local authorities will recognize the pool building company. Always request your contractor to show you their license before hiring them. A dependable contractor is confident and will immediately show you his or her license. If the contractor becomes hesitant to show you his license, this serves as a red flag.


Be keen enough to evaluate how your potential pool contractor responds to all your queries. For instance, if you get a response to your first query after two days, you should know that they are not quick to respond. And this can bring in a lot of misunderstandings during pool construction. Typically, your builder should provide instant replies and keep you updated at all times. Fortunately, you can always tell if they exhibit excellent communication from your first conversation.

Durable warranties

Although most homeowners forget to analyze this aspect, ensure that you put it into consideration. Most pool contractors offer swimming pool warranties. So, if a particular contractor does not provide one, this shows you that something might be wrong. A durable warranty guarantees quality. Also, in case of a mistake during pool construction, the warranty caters to the repair costs. However, note that warranties vary depending on the type of pool and contractor. Look for a contractor that offers a pool warranty that caters to all your requirements.

Reputation of the pool contractor

You have to check a pool contractor’s reputation before hiring them. Today, you can find this information online through customer review sites. If you find that your prospect has terrible customer reviews, you might have to reconsider. This is an effective way to determine the dependability of your contractor. You can actually find the most suitable builder to cater to your needs through online review sites. Reputation matters; hence settle for a pool builder with an excellent reputation.

Quality of services delivered

A good pool contractor often uses quality pool equipment to construct your dream pool. You can be sure that the contractor will offer excellent services by checking samples of their previous work. Feel free to ask them to show you samples of their recent and past projects. From this, you would be able to see whether they can deliver exactly what you want.

Pool construction costs

Never forget to consider the pool construction costs. Remember, your pool contractor’s quote has to match your budget. Otherwise, it would not be possible to construct the pool. It would be best to conduct thorough research on the best contractors available and request different quotes. Then, choose a builder who offers affordable yet quality services. Note that it is not wise to overlook quality over low costs. Doing this would be a recipe for disaster.


Needless to say, you have to select a pool contractor that is readily available and accessible. It always helps if you hire a contractor located near your area. Come to think about it. It does not make sense to employ a pool builder based in another state. Doing this would only heighten your pool construction costs. So, do your research on the best available local contractors near your area. Moreover, the pool builder must be reachable through phone call or any other communication platform. This way, they will continuously update you on the project and give replies to all your questions.

Contract terms and conditions

Before you hire a specific pool contractor, you have to read and understand all their terms and conditions. This way, you will avoid future misunderstandings. A risky contract would force you to pay the total amount even before pool construction begins. Also, understand the payment and refund policies to avoid getting yourself into trouble. The terms and conditions should be favorable for you.

How Do I Choose A Pool Contractor?

Red flags when choosing a pool contractor

Huge down payments

Often, most pool companies will ask for approximately 10 to 20 percent deposit. It would be risky to make a payment that exceeds the mentioned percentage. I mean, the pool contractor can disappear with this amount, especially if he or she is not certified. All in all, don’t just make the payment without reading the terms and conditions. Otherwise, you would end up losing your money.


When the pool contractor continually makes excuses for being late during appointments, this should be a warning for you. This character only exhibits unreliability and unprofessionalism. Also, if the builder talks rudely towards you, avoid hiring them. They should be courteous enough to address all your fears, queries, and doubts promptly. Additionally, a pool installer who does not keep his word is not dependable. Ensure they meet all project deadlines. You can find out this information by evaluating them on online review platforms.

Hasty signing of contracts

If you have a pool contractor who emphasizes the quick signing of the contract, beware. You could be setting yourself up for disaster. Take your time to read and understand all the terms and conditions of the agreement. Alternatively, if you have a lawyer, give him a copy of the contract and allow him to evaluate it. Then, he can advise you on the way forward. However, note that this may not mean that the  contractor is a fraud. Even so, it shows the real character of your builder. Look for an alternative if your pool builder gives you unnecessary pressure.

You should feel contented and secure with your pool contractor

You have to feel secure with the pool contractor you settle for at the end of the day. Otherwise, you would work yourself up and get stressed every day of the project. Once you trust your pool builder to turn your pool dreams into a reality, you give them an easy time as well. So, before choosing a particular pool builder, carefully evaluate all your needs and put several factors into consideration. They include the experience of your pool builder, their certification, the pool warranty, costs, among other factors. Consequently, you will be able to choose the most suitable pool contractor.