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Over time, fiberglass pools have increasingly become popular among most homeowners. These pools incorporate relatively low initial and lifetime costs. Also, they are simple to install. Nonetheless, you have to employ a reputable pool contractor to deliver quality fiberglass installation. We, poolcontractor.com, pair you up with the best Houston fiberglass contractors who can transform your yard into a first-class oasis. The reliable pool contractors take you through the entire fiberglass pool construction process.

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Fiberglass Pool Construction in Houston, Texas

Steps involved in fiberglass construction

Lay out the pool:

Once you contact us, we match you with the best Houston fiberglass contractors who start by laying out the pool. But first, they listen to all your requirements. Then, they start manufacturing the fiberglass pool. Often, they use a dig sheet to layout the pool based on your needs.


After laying out the pool, Houston fiberglass pool construction professionals will start digging the pool area. They use quality equipment to ensure you have a steady pool foundation. The pool contractors ensure they dig the pool based on the pool’s size, shape, and design during pool excavation. The dig sheet will help in determining the measurements for pool excavation.

Setting the Floor:

Once pool excavation is complete, Houston builders spread gravel on the floor. This establishes a strong foundation for the pool. The pool professionals ensure they compact the gravel to make it steadier.

Pool Delivery and Placement:

The pool experts will transport and deliver the fiberglass pool to your home after setting the floor. Note that fiberglass pools come when ready. The pool experts use strong trucks to transport fiberglass pools. This way, there are low chances of damaging the fiberglass pool during transportation. Once they arrive on-site, they place the fiberglass pool gently on the excavated area. More often than not, they use a crane to lift and place the pool. After lowering the fiberglass pool, the expert contractors evaluate the pool to ensure everything is in place.

Pool Plumbing and Backfilling:

We, poolcontractor.com, pair you up with the best Houston pool builders who are knowledgeable about pool plumbing. After pool placement, the professionals put all the electrical cables and wires required to run all pool equipment. Also, they will install the pool filter heater, pumps among other pool equipment. Furthermore, they backfill the pool using gravel to foster pool stability.

Reinforcement and Bond Beam:

After the Houston pool experts backfill the pool, they install a reinforced rebar on the pool’s perimeter. Doing this boosts the strength of the pool. Once the rebar gets reinforced, they put concrete around the perimeter to develop a mechanical lock.

Coping and Deck:

The professional pool builders take time to cope and deck the pool. They use high-quality material that complements the pool and yard to install the deck. At this stage, they also install any additional water features. Once everything is complete, they conduct a test run on the pool. Doing this helps them know whether the pool is working normally. Additionally, they clean up your yard before leaving.

The pool builder experts have a wide range of experience in constructing fiberglass pools. You can rely on them to walk you through the entire construction process. In addition, they are extensively trained in pool plumbing, deck installation, fiberglass transportation, and all other procedures involved in fiberglass pool construction.

Fiberglass pool maintenance services in Houston

Unlike concrete and vinyl pools, fiberglass pools incorporate low maintenance costs. But this does not mean that fiberglass pools do not need any maintenance procedures. On the contrary, it would be fair to say that these pools are much easier to maintain. You can trust Houston pool professionals to keep your fiberglass pool in good shape. Some of the services offered by the pool experts include:

Fiberglass pool cleaning services in Houston, Texas

Can we be honest for a minute? Cleaning a fiberglass pool can be tedious, especially if you have a busy schedule. Fortunately, fiberglass pools are not porous; thus, they do not attract algae. Consequently, fiberglass pools often need less cleaning. However, it is always advisable to get a reliable pool service expert to clean the pool for you. At poolcontractor.com, we pair you up with the best pool service technicians in Houston. They keep your fiberglass pool clean by getting rid of dirt particles, bugs, and debris from the pool. In addition, they use high-quality equipment to ensure you have crystal clear water in the pool. Moreover, the pool professionals will always advise you on the best automatic pool covers you can purchase to protect the pool from dirt.

Balancing your water chemistry in a fiberglass pool

Unquestionably, maintaining accurate water chemistry is important for fiberglass pools. Generally, all fiberglass pools should have the right chlorine levels and a neutral pH. Occasionally, maintaining balanced pool chemistry can be tedious. The pool service technicians keep your pool chemistry balanced using the right chemicals. They often visit your pool weekly or biweekly to make sure the pool is in good condition.

Running your pool filter system

Very few homeowners know how to operate their pool filters in the right way. Generally, a pool filter should be left on for approximately six to eight hours a day. But this often depends on the size of the pool and the frequency of usage. The pool service professionals will always advise you on the best time to run your pool filter. Below is a formula used by the service experts that will help you determine the number of hours needed to run the filter.

The time needed to run the pool filter = The pool volume divided by the filtration rate.

For example, if your pool capacity is 20000 gallons and the filtration rate is 2400 gallons per hour, the time needed to run the filter would be approximately 8 hours per day.

Maintaining the right water level in your fiberglass pool

Typically, it would be best if you keep your water level above the skimmer. Doing this will help your pool function normally. The pool service technicians can help you do this when they come for the weekly maintenance appointments. Also, you can give them a call and get guidance on how to raise your water level above the skimmer. You don’t have to wait for the professional to arrive onsite.

Frequently asked questions about fiberglass swimming pools in Houston

Houston pool experts are always willing to address all your fears, queries, and doubts. Thus, you are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions by aspiring fiberglass pool owners in Houston.

How much does a fiberglass pool cost in Houston?

Contrary to popular belief, fiberglass pools are relatively budget-friendly. When constructing a fiberglass pool, expect to spend about $65,000 to $100,000. Of course, the price varies depending on the size and design of the fiberglass pool. Additionally, incorporating extra water features makes fiberglass pool construction more expensive. Extra water features often raise construction costs by approximately 20%. Note that these are only the initial costs of a fiberglass pool. Maintaining a fiberglass pool costs approximately $375 annually. These costs are less than those of concrete and vinyl pools.

Are fiberglass pools compatible with saltwater systems?

Fiberglass pools can work with saltwater systems quite effectively. In fact, using a saltwater system in a fiberglass pool makes pool maintenance more manageable. Also, saltwater systems are more affordable. Nevertheless, note the salt from these chlorinators can wear down metal from the wall panels and coping.

Fiberglass construction in Houston, Texas

Who are the best fiberglass pool manufacturers in Houston?

Here at poolcontractor.com, we connect you to the best Houston pool contractors who source fiberglass pools from reliable manufacturers. Currently, there is a broad spectrum of fiberglass pool manufacturers. Therefore, finding a reputable fiberglass manufacturer is not a walk in the park. Fortunately, the fiberglass pools are of high quality and offer high longevity. In addition, the fiberglass pools we offer are highly resistant to extreme temperatures and are fortified using “honeycomb” material.

Where can I get a good fiberglass pool installer in Houston?

We, poolcontractor.com, can match you with the best fiberglass pool installers in Houston. The fiberglass pool installers deliver quality installation. They handle every step of construction seriously and professionally. Also, they use high-quality equipment to plumb and finish your pool. The best thing about them is that they are willing to address all your fears, queries, and doubts.

How long does it take to install a fiberglass pool?

Fiberglass pools incorporate the shortest installation period. On average, building a fiberglass pool takes about two weeks to install. But the decking and coping may take another week to be completed. So, fiberglass pools are ideal options for homeowners who want to have their pool ready within a short period. The pool contractors always do their best to ensure they finish your fiberglass pool within a short period.

Best fiberglass pool contractors in Houston, Texas

If you want to install a fiberglass pool in Houston, these pool professionals have got you covered. Once you contact them, the pool service experts will listen to all your requirements first. Then, they will proceed with the fiberglass pool construction. You won’t need to outsource any pool services during construction. Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

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