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Different things Swimming Pool Contractors do

In this day and age, swimming pool contractors not only construct pools but also take part in revamping, financing, among other procedures. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining equipment and installing filtration and fencing appliances. In this article, we will discuss the different things a swimming pool contractor will do at an in-depth level.

Different things Swimming Pool Contractors do

Pool financing

Several pool contractors offer financing services to their customers. They know that most aspiring pool owners lack enough funds for pool construction. Thus, they provide pool loans at certain interest rates. But, these type of pool loans normally incorporate unfavorable rates. Ensure you look for other lenders before settling for a loan from your swimming pool contractor.


Swimming pool contractors organize for the paperwork required before the building process begins. The process roughly takes a maximum of two weeks and involves putting the comprehensive layout and plans on paper. Afterwards, they present the plan to the Local Council for verification.


Once the Local Council approves the construction plan, pool builders go ahead with the excavation process. They incorporate trucks, among other digging equipment to create space for your pool. As the soon to be pool owner, you need to be fully present during this process since it lays the foundation for the pool construction process.

Swimming Pool Installation

Pool contractors take part in installing inground and aboveground pools. Before installing the pool, they assist you in determining the size of the pool. They also identify the most appropriate depth, shape and location for your pool. Additionally, after installation, most of them would recommend pool chemicals for proper sanitization.


Pool builders plumb the pool interior after steel fixing is complete. This process involves the installation of pool pumps, filtration systems, installing bubblers, among other water features where necessary. Thus, your swimming pool contractor will need you to state your preferred place of locating the filters and pumps. During this process, it is advisable to turn off the main switch to prevent any accidents. All the heating, blower and suction lines will be accurately connected to ensure the proper functioning of the pool. You don’t need to be present during this process.

Electrical Work

Pool contractors are also expected to know a fair amount of electrical work. This is a skilled trade and many contractors will often work with seasoned veterans they are comfortable with entrusting their customer electrical wiring to. A quick search for electricians near me uncovers a trove of electrical workers, none of which specialize in swimming pools. Most are residential electricians without the skillset necessary to install electrical wiring for pools. A seasoned pool contractor has the resources necessary to find the right electrician that specializes in swimming pools and is familiar with running wiring to pool equipment. A pool electrician knows how to trench wiring so that it’s up to code and will pass inspection. Pool Electricians in particular are familiar with the right breaker boxes and wiring for inground pools.

Coping and Landscaping

Pool builders construct and position any water features meant to encompass the pool, such as waterline tiles. They lay coping and waterline tiles on a layer of sand and cement and seal the surface. If you need any external paving outside the pool coping, most pool contractors are willing to do this by placing another expansion joint.

Different things Swimming Pool Contractors do

Fence Inspection

Most swimming pool contractors organize for fence inspection before they install the pebbles. You need not pay for any extra cost since the inspection fee is in your original payment. Also, you don’t have to worry about searching for the fence inspectors.

Common Swimming Pool Repairs

Often, pools need revamping to function properly. Pool contractors usually take part in conducting swimming pool repairs. Some of the swimming pool repairs that swimming pool contractors work on include vinyl liner tears, cracks in fiberglass pools, leaks in filtration systems, pump issues, concrete or gunite cracks and leaks in the pool itself. Even though you can fix some issues by yourself, it is advisable to employ a pool contractor to prevent further damage.

Types of swimming pools

Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete swimming pools are mostly improvised swimming pools. Fortunately, they fit in any location and offer a broad spectrum of designs. With this type of pool, you are free to select your preferred size, material, and shape. You can also add any water features including bubblers, steps and vanishing edges. There is a wide range of finishing alternatives with these types of pools. Some of them include vinyl lining, ceramic tiles, natural pebbles, resin paints, among others.

Fiberglass Composite Swimming Pools

These types of swimming pool normally have a wide range of styles, shapes, colors and sizes. Most pool contractors have an easy time installing these pools. Fiberglass pools are ideal for locations with high inaccessibility. Various fiberglass pool allows for water features.

Vinyl Liner Pools

The vinyl liner pools are well known due to their affordability in the market. Pool builders constructing this pool type customize it to meet your size and shape preferences. Contemporary vinyl liner pools contain plastic, concrete and steel walls.


Ultimately, swimming pool contractors provide a wide range of services besides construction. Thus, choose a swimming pool contractor who will offer the most benefits. Also, keep in mind that swimming pools vary in material, size and shape depending on the purpose of the pool. Additionally, your budget and preferences play a huge role in the type of pool you’ll construct. Thus, before settling for a pool type, examine your most suitable option.

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