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Best Gunite Pool Repair Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Over the years, gunite pools have become more popular among most homeowners. Gunite pools are generally more durable compared to fiberglass and vinyl. Besides, these pools are more versatile; hence, you can customize them to fit your requirements. Nevertheless, gunite pools are high maintenance. These pools are vulnerable to wear and tear after some years of use. So you need to consider hiring gunite pool repair professionals.

Best Gunite Pool Repair Services in Jacksonville, Florida

Generally, gunite originates from concrete. Therefore, this material offers high longevity and flexibility. Gunite is a mixture of sand, cement and water mixed at the hose’s nozzle during application. Gunite is not only used in pool construction but also for other building purposes. Due to the wide range of benefits offered by gunite, gunite pools tend to be more expensive. In particular, gunite pools have high initial and lifetime costs.

Gunite pool repair- Fixing common gunite pool problems

As seen earlier, gunite pools are susceptible to many problems due to their porous nature. So, if you have a gunite pool, prepare to spend a considerable amount in the long run for repairs and replacement. When conducting gunite pool repair, it is essential to hire a pool professional. Failure to do so would be setting yourself up for disaster. Nowadays, it can be challenging to find a reputable pool expert. Fortunately, we,, have got you covered. We pair you up with the best gunite pool service experts in Jacksonville, Florida, who are knowledgeable on all types of gunite pool repair.

Fixing cracks and leaks in your gunite pool

Every pool owner dreads having cracks and leaks in their pool. Such pool problems can cause a lot of damage to the pool. Not to mention, the costs involved in the leak and crack repair are huge. Harsh external forces often cause cracks and when the pool is old. Luckily, got you covered. We match you with the best gunite pool repair experts in Jacksonville who conduct quality repairs. They use quality techniques like epoxy injection and staples to fix your gunite pool. With them, you rest assured that the problem won’t reoccur any time soon in the near future. The experts we connect you with the know-how to deal with both surface and structural cracks.

Smoothening a rough pool surface

Swimmers often complain that gunite pools feel rough on their skin. Generally, gunite pools are rougher than other pool types. After several years of use, they become rougher. Delamination is often the primary source of this problem. But the existence of calcium nodules and cracks can lead to a rough gunite surface. Rough surfaces are uncomfortable and unsafe for swimmers. They can lead to injuries on the skin.

Here at, we connect you to the best gunite pool service experts who can help you even out the pool surface. More often than not, they’ll suggest conducting a resurfacing procedure using the right materials. Some of the resurfacing materials they’ll suggest to you include aggregate, tile, and glass. They source their resurfacing materials from reputable manufacturers. Subsequently, you rest assured of a durable pool afterward. Of course, they’ll put your budget into consideration when conducting a resurfacing procedure.

Pool Lifting from Ground

You can count on us to connect you with the best gunite pool contractors in Jacksonville. They deliver quality installation and make zero mistakes during construction. Gunite pools tend to detach themselves from the ground after some time. But when the pool gets installed properly, you’ll never experience this problem. We direct you to pool builders who install the hydrostatic valve properly during construction. This way, you never have to worry about the pool getting lifted off the ground. However, if your pool ever experiences this problem, we got you covered. We will pair you up with reputable gunite pool repair experts who will fix this problem for you. Moreover, they’ll also help you take good care of the hydrostatic valve to ensure it’s in good shape.

Pool Discoloration

Gunite pools are more vulnerable to getting pool stains. Remember, gunite is porous; thus, it readily accommodates pool stains. In most instances, pool stains result from imbalanced water chemistry. At, we pair you up with the best gunite pool experts who help you prevent and get rid of pools stains. They come onsite on a weekly or biweekly basis. Then, they’ll ensure you have balanced water chemistry. Typically, your pool should have the right chlorine levels, calcium hardness levels and a neutral pH. The pools service professionals can conduct an acid wash to remove all pool stains. Acid washing the pool also helps in preventing algae growth.

Repair your gunite pool on a budget

Very few homeowners often have the total costs at hand when repairing their gunite pools. As mentioned earlier, repairing a gunite pool can cost thousands of dollars. Needless to say, the exact costs of repair depend on the type of repair. Not to mention, a small percentage of homeowners don’t save for gunite repairs. Here at, we can help you if you need financing. We connect you to the best pool professionals who offer various financing options. Getting a gunite pool repair loan makes the process so much easier. Nevertheless, you have to meet a specific criterion before obtaining a pool repair loan. Let’s take a look at some of the most common pool financing options you can get in Jacksonville, Florida.

Home equity loan pool financing

One of the best pool financing options is using your home equity loan. You can use a home equity loan to borrow cash for your gunite pool repair. In a home equity loan, you get the total amount you apply for. This pool financing option is cheaper since it incorporates fixed interest rates. Besides, the processing time of this loan is shorter. At times, the interests of this loan may be tax-exempt. Nevertheless, the major downside for this loan is that your house has to serve as collateral. Therefore, you can end up losing your home if you fail to pay the loan.

Personal loans or “pool loans”

At times, people prefer personal loans since they don’t require any form of security. You can obtain a personal loan from various financing institutions, from credit unions to banks. Once you apply for a personal loan, the financial institution will evaluate your credibility. Upon approval, expect to get funds within a week. Fortunately, the application process for this loan is easier. However, these loans have very high interest rates. So, you’ll end up paying a lot more for your loan.

We,, connect you with the best pool contractors. These pool builders will always help you settle for a particular financing option. Most of them have been in the industry for decades. So, they have established excellent connections with the best pool lenders in Jacksonville, Florida. Before settling for a pool financing option, evaluate your requirements and budget. The pool contractors will always present a wide range of pool lenders available. Then, they give you the freedom to compare quotes. Choose a pool lender who is affordable and reliable. Keep in mind that you don’t want to have trouble paying the loan in the long run.

Questions to ask your pool contractor when looking for a gunite pool repair financing option

Is it okay to finance a pool?

Most people believe that financing a pool using a loan is not wise. But this is not always the case. Revamping your swimming pool can help you gain a substantial return on investment, especially if you are a commercial pool owner. As a result, financing your pool is worth it at the end of the day. Luckily, you can always get an affordable financing option quickly.

Best Gunite Pool Repair Services in Jacksonville, Florida

What is the best way to finance a pool?

Asking your pool contractor this question will help you settle for the best financing option. More often than not, the best way to finance your pool depends on your requirements. The pool builders we connect you with will take time to listen and understand your needs. From there, they’ll help you determine your best financing option. For example, if you don’t own a home, your contractor will suggest a credit card loan. At the end of the day, your budget and requirements determine your best pool financing option.

What credit score is needed for pool financing?

Before your loan gets approved, you have to meet a particular financial criterion. Different financing institutions use different standards to approve your loan. But generally, your financial history should be good, and your credit score should be high. Your credit score should range from 600 to 680. Nevertheless, if you are applying for a home equity loan, your credit score should be at least 720. Nowadays, there are many pool lenders. Thus, you can always get one that meets your credit score.

How hard is it to get pool financing?

Contrary to popular belief, getting pool financing is not hard. If you have the right credit score and a good financial history, you can quickly get a loan.


If you are looking for gunite pool repair services in Jacksonville, Florida, we got you covered. At, we connect you to the best pool contractors who conduct quality gunite repairs. With them, you can remodel your gunite pool on a budget. They connect you to the best pool lenders in Jacksonville.

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